Normalization begins

Normalization begins

Ministry of Health Coronavirus Scientific Committee Member Assoc. Dr. Afşin Emre Kayıpmaz said that in the process of combating the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19), it is more appropriate in terms of epidemic safety to open businesses such as restaurants and cafes by looking at the course of the disease after February, and making Hayat Eve Sığar (HES) application mandatory when entering these places. / p>

Kayıpmaz, in a statement to the AA reporter, underlined that the epidemic still continues effectively all over the world.

Many measures Kayıpmaz reminding implemented in order to ensure control of the epidemic, the application of the restrictions take to the streets in Turkey and especially in the restaurant for a while businesses such as cafes reminded that serve as pack or in-house service.

Kayıpmaz stated that it can be understood whether there is a risky situation by checking the HES code of the person before entering the shopping malls within the scope of the measures, and emphasized that this was done not to limit personal rights but to protect public health.

Evaluating the activities in beauty salons and hairdressers that serve in accordance with the rules, Kayıpmaz said:

"If I have a business, I would definitely question the HES code. Because, a person who comes to the business can be a person who needs to stay in quarantine. You cannot understand this, the fire measured at the door gives information to a certain extent. Businesses should act with this responsibility. This is their employees and customers. If businesses do this, regardless of the mandatory rule, they will protect themselves and their employees' health. I have called on business owners to use the HES code application. "

Stating that with the measures taken, a significant decrease was achieved in the disease course, which increased after September, Kayıpmaz said that success in the epidemic can only be possible with full compliance with the measures.

- "Currently, our shopkeepers who own restaurants, cafes and patisseries are in a difficult situation, but ..."

Stating that businesses in the food and beverage sector provide services within the specified rules, Kayıpmaz noted that all kinds of information regarding the measures to be taken by the sector in the Outbreak Study Guide are included in all details. Scientific Committee member Assoc. Dr. Afşin Emre Kayıpmaz continued his words as follows:

"At this point, a problem was experienced in June during the transition to normal. We saw that more customers were taken into businesses than they should be, and this created a problem. We now know that our tradesmen, especially those who own restaurants, cafes and patisseries, are in a difficult situation. Because, millions of people are from here. He eats bread, but it is a risky area in this food and beverage sector as masks have to go down. Therefore, in the food and beverage sector, in the phase of returning to normal, sparse capacity usage may be on the agenda. Customers may be allowed to receive a certain amount of capacity and HES code may become mandatory at the door. / p>

- "The more successfully we overcome this period, the more comfortable we will enter spring and summer"

A significant fall in the number of new cases in Turkey is currently 9%

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