Target new markets for fresh fruit and vegetable exports

Target new markets for fresh fruit and vegetable exports The representatives of the fresh fruit and vegetable sector, which ensures that 1 billion 690 million 750 thousand dollars of foreign currency has entered in return for exports to 133 countries in 9 months of the year, aims to expand the market range.

The Mediterranean Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exporters Sin Nejdat President of the Union, AA correspondent, a new type of Turkey's fresh fruit and vegetable exports coronavirus (Kovid-19) Despite the outbreak stressed that gradually increases.

The importance of January-September this year was 835 million 539 thousand dollars from fresh fruit exports, 469 million 166 thousand dollars from fresh vegetables, 373 million 863 thousand dollars from citrus and 12 million 182 thousand dollars from tea, Sin said that all groups made a great contribution to the economy. noted that it provided.

Sin stated that developments in exports made the representatives of the sector happy and said, "The number of countries exported in this period is 133. Our goal is to increase the number of countries we export to. We have never been condemned to a single market. We are always in search of an alternative market. We will not be content with 133 countries. . We are determined to reach more countries. " he spoke.

- "There is no country in the world where we cannot ship products"

Turkey's fruit and vegetable production that expands the field in recent years, striking Sin, said:

"In Turkey, fresh fruit and vegetables came at a very good place, the world's in a position to compete with each country grows all products. We want our exporters more support. No country can not send products in the world. It takes our negotiations with all countries. Our new vision for export, there are countries which we agreed I think we will come to better places with these. "

- "Our goal is to bring our products together with countries that have never tasted"

National Citrus Council President Kemal Kaçmaz emphasized that Turkish citrus has attracted great interest in the world market in recent years.

Pointing out that there are positive developments in citrus exports, Kaçmaz said:

"Turkish citrus has shown how assertive it is with its grooming taste and hygienic production. This development has been reflected positively on export figures. Our goal is to bring our products together with countries that do not taste Turkish citrus. We aim to become an important country in the Far East market." / p>

- Most exported country is Russia

Fresh fruit and vegetable exports, which provided a foreign exchange inflow of $ 1 billion 354 million in the January-September period last year, rose to 1 billion 690 million 750 thousand dollars with an increase of approximately 10 percent in amount and 25 percent in value in the same period this year. / p>

During his exports to Turkey in 133 countries, foreign sales to 48 percent of Independent States Community, 31 percent of the European Union, 12 percent have occurred in the Middle East, the country had the highest foreign sales became Russia with $ 543 million.

Germany, with a 32 percent increase in exports, with $ 205 million in exchange for a 14 percent increase, y% C

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