Çağlayan has not forgotten visually impaired citizens

Çağlayan has not forgotten visually impaired citizens Karaman AK Party Provincial Chairman Abidin Çağlayan did not forget the visually impaired citizens.

On January 7 - 14, White Cane Visually Impaired Week, the Provincial President Abidin Çağlayan and his administration, who dealt with visually impaired citizens one by one, organized an event.

President Çağlayan and his administration were very sensitive during the epidemic period and took all precautions and visited 27 visually impaired citizens one by one and gave gifts. The happiness of visually impaired citizens was read from their faces.

President Çağlayan, who emphasizes the increase of social awareness in our country and all over the world, said, “White cane, which is the symbol of freedom for the visually impaired, is an important symbol that unites and activates the society. Humanity must continue to come together around this symbol, walk arm in arm with our visually impaired siblings and overcome obstacles together. As the AK Party, we will continue to produce permanent solutions to the problems of our visually impaired brothers, increase their self-confidence, and increase their morale and motivation. We have developed versatile and effective policies in order to overcome obstacles together, to hold tight to life without being exposed to discrimination and to ensure their participation in social life. " used expressions

President Çağlayan said, "We congratulate our visually impaired brothers and sisters who have given strength to our country with their determination and courage and successful works. January 7-14 White Cane Visually Impaired Week." ended with statements.

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