Karaman in Calendar Leaves

Karaman in Calendar Leaves

God! Your most beautiful, generous, devoted and loyal servants must be artists. Whatever you have created, they see their most beautiful and deepest form. Like those who have the wisdom of things, like those who eat grapes on a plum branch ...

Some of them are writing, drawing, saying. What they sing becomes poetry, song, ballad, melody, tune in the ears.

It becomes a picture, it becomes a photograph, and beauties embroidered on stone, soil, paper and fabric emerge. There is literature, it takes place in minds, it becomes decent, style, book.

God! While most of his servants are hoarding their earnings in their sheltered areas, they are not able to give a garbage to a servant, while the artist is after distributing what the servants produce. They are the distributors of the earth. Your servants who seek ways to reach whoever they want. Like rain, like sunlight. They never make a choice for what they drip, light, and heat.

God! Artist servants must be sufferers who worry about making the world attractive. All of them are Mevlana, not a Dolphin. They are different in color, different in color. There are also those who come together around the same understanding, and those who are independent. They are like in the verse and one verse. They are volunteers who strive to follow in the footsteps of the people you love ...

We owe a lot to artists. But they are unaware that they are creditors. Like a bee, each of them seeks to produce honey from the flowers wherever their hive is located. Where honey goes, they don't know.

God! Thank goodness you did not deprive Karaman of this artist's servants! There are so many names. Who knows what artists, writers and poets we haven't met yet. Like a symphony orchestra, everybody wrote differently, everybody put forward their own style. Maestro must be a competent person, and a wonderful piece of work was performed by the artists accompanying the soloist named Karaman.

A work that came from Karaman by cargo that I could not pick up and leave in my hand is instrumental in writing these sentences. The calendar prepared with the name of "Karaman in Calendar Leaves" is the first core of the work that will be a Karaman classic.

First, a huge thank you to Burhan Yemiş, the Provincial Director of Culture and Tourism of the Karaman Governorship. Because he is the architect of the project. Then a great thanks to the Board of Directors of Larende Photography Association and to President Mustafa Doğan. And a thank you to the Ministry of Interior, General Directorate of Civil Society Relations, which supported the project. Special thanks to Karaman Governor Mehmet Alpaslan Işık, who approved the project.

This is the first time I've seen such a calendar. It's like a book to be read throughout the year ... There are dozens of people's labor. It should be a matter of courage to prepare a calendar that is attentive to every word, and each sentence is oriented towards a goal. They have courage and have been successful.

A very beautiful logo with the words "KARAMAN is ours / I love my city" on the cover draws attention. Just below, there is the text "KARAMAN ON THE 2021 CALENDAR SHEETS" centering the page. At the bottom, "KARAMAN, our door is open. Our bite is halal for the one who eats ”.

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