He warmed his house with the sun with the project he worked for 10 years

He warmed his house with the sun with the project he worked for 10 years

In Denizli, 72-year-old Ahmet Gözlükaya implemented the "Heating with solar heat" project after ten years of work. Glassesaya, which produces four solar heat panels from completely domestic and national products, has succeeded in heating its 155 square meter house in Bağbaşı District with the heat of the sun. With the same system, products can be dried in a short time with the sun, which is a completely natural heat source.

Economist Ahmet Gözlükaya, who has been trading natural agricultural products for years and preparing projects related to natural drying of natural products in a short time, prepared the "Solar Heating" Project, which can be used for heating in winter and drying products in summer after 10 years of R&D work. Ahmet Gözlükaya, who made solar heat panels made of JTP, polycarbon and glass, which is completely domestic production, was able to heat his house from the sun without any expense. It got rid of bills. System who told the first trial in their home in Denizli in Turkey Gözlüka said, "The system is the first in Turkey. It is a system for heating. Turkey's biggest problem, rather the conversion of sunlight into heat technology, heating technology. Study on selective surface. I've been dealing with it for 10 years. We have manufactured hot air panels that can be used for heating in winter and drying in summer. The purpose of doing this is to make our people warmer, warmer and warmer. A hot air panel can heat 30, 35 square meters of room to the house. If there is sun outside, we are overheating it. In order to use excess heat, we can distribute it to rooms. In a study we conducted with four panels, we can easily heat a 155 square meter flat in Denizli Bağbaşı. The purpose of this is to be able to download natural gas bills.

"The sun does not bill"

Denizli and explaining that used in many areas of solar heat Gözlüka in Turkey, "the sun does not cut bill. Our people know this very well. He easily uses the sun to heat water. From now on, it is a system that can be used with air heating to reduce the bills to half in both schools, workplaces and government offices. A system that can save between 40 percent and 70 percent. We cannot say no to this system. This technology is used in the world. In countries with very little sun, in Finland, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, these are very easily used. Why shouldn't we use it? Our forest villagers and plain villagers will be able to easily heat their house in winter or dry their produce in that cabin if they are assembled into a cabinet of their own size. Depending on the location, there is the possibility of drying from 50 kilograms to 500 kilograms up to 1 ton. We have been working on this system since 2009. We got its patent and we are making the first experience in Denizli to use it in heating. Denizli can heat it with the solar energy system on a regional basis if it wishes.

"Heat can be stored

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