Corona damage is permanent in the brain

Corona damage is permanent in the brain

Otorhinolaryngology Specialist Prof. Dr. Yıldırım Ahmet Bayazıt and his team proved that Covid-19 can cause permanent damage to the nerves from the eye to the brain.

The Turkish scientist, together with his team, made a great discovery regarding the destruction of the coronavirus (Covid-19) in the body. Professor of the Department of Ear Nose Throat, Medipol Mega University Hospital. Dr. According to the research of the six-person team led by Yıldırım Ahmet Bayazıt; coronavirus can cause permanent damage to the nerves leading from the eye to the brain. This situation causes "Dizziness disease", which is known as "astronaut disease" among the people, which makes patients feel like they are in space or in space. The study was conducted on 37 people aged between 11 and 32 who survived the corona. In international literature, there is no such study based on evidence. This deficiency has been corrected.


Stating that the patients who had the disease with mild symptoms were examined for 114 days after the PCR test was negative, Prof. Dr. Yıldırım Ahmet Bayazıt "One of the diagnostic methods is an electrophysiological measurement that reveals the presence of silent problems that cannot be detected even with imaging devices such as MRI and ultrasound. We can detect 100% of the problems lying in ambush with this technique used in the international field. It creates imbalance in people as a result of poor coordination. We investigated the reason. We observed permanent damage in the nerves that send images from the eye to the brain. Images are transmitted with faulty codes, and dizziness and imbalance occur ”.


Stating that there are problems between the ear and eye connections of the patients and that young patients do not notice the situation immediately, Prof. Dr. Bayazıt noted the following: Compensation mechanisms come into play; but the problem is there. Like a time bomb. There is no known cure or medicine. After the disease occurs, temporary comfort is provided only with rehabilitation. Although the disease can remain silent for years, it is bound to explode. This shows us the following: Corona causes a permanent or prolonged neurological condition. In the future, compensation mechanisms will probably be disabled, along with age-related and illnesses. The biggest balance problem here is to have disturbances in standing, not being able to stand upright. There will be wobbling in these people. While this is the case in young people recovering from corona, we expect the balance problem to be more dramatic in those who have the virus more severely and the elderly. In summary, coronavirus patients will likely have balance problems in the later years of their lives. No relationship was found between balance findings and loss of smell and taste. It was determined that the imbalance had an infection effect.


"Another finding was reached in the study. Covid-19 has a similar attack mechanism to the virus 'Herpes Simplex 1' that causes facial paralysis and causes damage in similar areas. However, Covid is much more aggressive and the damage it creates in the area it attacks is much greater. There is a type of nerve The first is motor nerves For example Herpes Simplex 1 attacks here, causing facial paralysis% C

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