Popular social place of Armenians attracts attention

Popular social place of Armenians attracts attention Kayaönü Cave where caravans lodged attracts attention

Kayaönü Cave, located in Kayaönü village of Ermenek district of Karaman, where caravans stayed in the past, attracts attention.

Kayaönü Cave, which takes its name from the giant rocks in front of it, reaches 6 meters in height and 50 meters in width.

It is among the places preferred by the people of the region to cool off, especially in summer. The convenience of the cave increases the interest of the people of the region.

Kayaönü Cave is located 15 kilometers from Ermenek district center and 70 kilometers from Mersin's Mut district.

The cave, which used to be a caravanserai in the past, is said to be used as a laundromat and clothes drying area in the long winter months.
Today, it is used as the area where the villagers perform weddings, entertainment and funeral ceremonies

Teacher Aslı Doğanay, who works in the village giving information about the cave, said, "The name of our cave is Kayaönü Cave. It is also known as İnönü. Its length is 6 meters and its width is 50 meters. According to rumors, caravans have come and gone here in the past. bears.

Caravans come here for trade, stay here, get up one day, one night or a week later and continue on their way. The public performs in different sporting activities and weddings are still held today.

Whether different activities, funeral ceremonies are held here again. It is also used for irrigation, all assets benefit.

Cars are also parked, used as a parking lot. Nowadays, it attracts the attention of local tourists and they generally exhibit activities here, they carry out their family activities here, "he said. / UAV

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