New President of KOP, New Spirit

New President of KOP, New Spirit

Konya Plain Project (KOP) Regional Development Mahmut Sami Şahin was appointed as the President of the Administration. The people of Karaman heard the name of Mahmut Sami Şahin as the AK Party candidate in the 2019 local elections. The mayor's office was not possible, it did not happen. It is time to remember the warning in the Quran, "… You don't like something, but it is good for you. And it happens that you also like something, whereas it is evil for you. God knows, you cannot know. " (Surah Al-Baqara, Verse 216)

As of 29 January 2021, Mahmut Sami Şahin is the person responsible for the development of eight provinces, namely Karaman, Konya, Aksaray, Niğde, Nevşehir, Kırşehir, Kırıkkale and Yozgat, with the title of KOP Regional Development Administration President. First of all, it should be good, do not let Allah embarrass you. The majority of the authors of the defect sector, especially readers in Turkey, not knowing he did not know. There are so many people who know they don't know, it's impossible not to be sad. supposedly the most known issues in Turkey, institutions and individuals actually takes place at the beginning of the least known. KOP is one of them.

I have adopted the principle of using the information that the reader can use in my articles. I take care to give information about the subject I deal with in every article. There is no idea without knowledge. Knowledge is the basis of an idea, an opinion, and a belief. In the religion of Islam, credo is the first information that a Muslim has to learn. There was a phrase I heard in the public speaking in my childhood; "Don't speak without knowing!" would be warned. This promise has become one of the values ​​of the past.

Announcements, articles and signs belonging to the KOP Regional Development Administration have been frequently encountered in Karaman for ten years. Despite this, our knowledge about KOP is very limited. This weakness is not only due to the citizen, it is also the fault of the KOP administration in self-promotion.

KOP's mandate is briefly to accelerate the development of the regions covered by these projects by carrying out the research, planning, programming, project design, monitoring, evaluation and coordination services required by the investments in the eight provinces I mentioned above.

attached to the Ministry of Development and established in 2011, KOP, as areas where tasks and includes Turkey's largest presidency is between C%

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