Dilan Polat; We will be only in Turkey ...

Dilan Polat; We will be only in Turkey ... Celebrities business people Dilan Polat Istanbul Atasehir opening of Turkey's largest beauty and care center. Polat, who has more than 40 points throughout the country and has branches in 8 countries, is among the top 3 export companies in Europe among beauty and care centers, explained his new projects.

Dilan Polat ; "Our previous headquarters was in Ataşehir, but this time we decided to move to a close location and settle in an 8-storey 3.000 m2 plaza in Ataşehir. In order to better protect our social distance we have lived during the pandemic, and to better meet the demand now. We decided to make an innovative move. Since our two brands will have headquarters, approximately 90 people will be employed here. We plan to serve nearly 40 clients at the same time.

When we first started this road, I am happy to export the products and devices we produce to 28 different countries from Brazil to Thailand thanks to the support I have received from many state institutions as a woman entrepreneur. Especially our brand is extremely popular abroad. In addition to the fact that I have an audience in our country due to my good use of social media, people who do not speak our language abroad send us a lot of messages and make us happy. This center is a good opportunity for them to witness a story whose main purpose is to be a light to many entrepreneurs and see that there will be no obstacle for them to actually realize the dreams they believe. There is a saying in many conferences and symposiums I have attended. If you want to succeed, you have to take a step first. Otherwise, it is really unfair to just think about how he did it from where you sit. We, as the Dilan Polat Beauty Centers and Dipomed medical family, undergo a special training, no matter which dealer, branch or franchise we have recently. We add things that will create a lot of added value, such as NLP, personal development, as well as how to make transactions or sales and marketing techniques.

Dilan Polat explains that she has always worked hard to grow and come to good places in her business, "After establishing my company, I worked day and night. In order to grow in my business, I participated in Beauty and Care fairs in Istanbul and the world. I have enriched my customer portfolio by meeting people and increased the number of countries I export to. While giving franchise to various countries of the world with my brand Dilan Polat Beauty Center , I sell our own devices and products to the beauty care and aesthetics sector with the brand of Dipomed Medikal Kozmetik. It has become known especially in European countries. However, I dream of becoming a world-class brand and I work hard in it. " Polat "I create all the opportunities in business life by myself. You know, they say 'I came to this point by scratching it with my nails.' This word tells me. If a person wants to be successful, he will definitely do what he believes and loves. What I believe and love Aesthetics and

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