Clash of Karaman Intelligence Cubes

Clash of Karaman Intelligence Cubes

Tekaüt Goca Bear and the Legend of the Fox ...

In the 1940s, our neighborhood, the large plain called Gölcük, which is located in Yukarı Tuesday, surrounded the top of the Pınargözü district (Güneyyurt - Ermenek), would plant farmers.

Gölcük, Burçak area, flat areas of Şabbblar, Tuzla and Kızıl Çukur continued planting until 1980, then the forest was seized.

In Gölcük, there were Dekeler from our neighborhood, Tajavitler dynasties and Kösamedi deceased fields.

Legend Tekaüt is between Goca, Bear and Fox.

Tekaüt Goca goes to bread with his oxen in his fields in the pond one autumn day.

When he finishes sowing and releases the pleasures of the oxen, a big bear comes next to him and he says I will eat you.

Tekaüt Goca: bear brother, if you don't eat me, I will bring you a good feast tomorrow, the moon says okay and goes down to the hyena lair.

Meanwhile, the fox enthusiast comes to Gocan. When Tekaüt Goca tells him about the situation, the fox says: I will protect you from the bear, and in return I want eight chickens from you.

Tilki Gocaya: When you come here tomorrow, the bear will see you and be brought next to you, at that time I will be at the head of the scree, when I see you together, I will tied an acorn branch to my tail and run towards the gabardca, when the noise and dust are in the smoke, the bear will ask what this is. At that time, too: our headman warned that there was no healing other than bear blood, which was infected with a disease.
In the evening, Taekaut Goca came home, Eve, who had little ears, explained the situation to the station, and instructed him to put eight chickens in the eyes of the saddlebag in the morning.

Early in the morning, the garı chicken understood the hound and put four greyhounds in both eyes of the saddlebags, at that time it was famous to keep the hound for hunting.

Tekaüt Goca came to the pond before the donkey's equivalents were brought down and the bear appeared and when the fox saw them from the head of the scree, he tied an acorn branch to his tail and started to run down.

The bear who sees the dust blowing the air, Gocaya, what is this? He asked, and he said: our headman has no other cure than the blood of a sick bear, it must be bear hunters.

Hearing this, the bear caught its tail and got lost in its bushes.

The fox came immediately and started to check the saddlebags, Goca, the hounds that jumped out of the saddlebags before they say stop and let me down, added the fox in front of them and cried towards the bazaar. They kicked the fox out to Poplar, where he was able to save himself by hiding in a cave.

The fox descended into the pond when the night calmed down, scattering whatever was happening to Gocaut Gocan, and took his anger out of the plow and yoke. Finally, he saw the water-filled jug pressed against the bottom of the bush.

As the fox took the jug, he came to the Kepirli navel in the stream and decided to drown the jamb jug. As the water enters the jug, it gurgles, and the fox is said to drown, what is the property of what I do.

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