How to apply for coronavirus vaccine over the age of 80?

How to apply for coronavirus vaccine over the age of 80?

CoronaVac, the coronavirus vaccine purchased from China, has been launched since January 14. The first vaccination was given to healthcare workers, retirement homes and nursing homes, people over 90 and 85 years old, and pharmacy staff. So, when will the Kovid-19 vaccine be administered to which groups? How to apply for vaccination with E pulse and SMS?

Since Monday, January 25, the Ministry of Health has started to share the Kovid-19 vaccine application on a provincial basis. The website of the Ministry, the vaccine can be seen on many people in Turkey.

To Which Groups and When to Covid-19 Vaccine?

1. STAGE: According to the priority order determined, first Phase 1 includes healthcare workers, those staying in nursing homes and individuals over 65 years old.

1. Individuals over the age of 65, who make up the C group of Stage, will be ranked by age range. The ranking, starting with people over the age of 85, will expand by five years, and finally, Stage 1 will end with individuals aged 65-69.

2. STAGE: 2. In this phase, individuals between the ages of 50-64 will be vaccinated in priority sectors.

Among the priority sectors are the food sector, education sector and transportation. Therefore, the vaccination of teachers and those working in markets is expected to occur at this stage.

3. STAGE: In Phase 3, people with chronic diseases will be vaccinated regardless of age range. All individuals over the age of 18 will be vaccinated in group B of the 3rd Stage.

4. STAGE: In Stage 4, those who have not been vaccinated on time will be vaccinated even though it is their turn.

How to Make E Pulse Vaccine Application Inquiry?

According to "How do I get vaccinated?" guide published by the Ministry of Health, it is necessary to log into e-Pulse account first to get the Kovid-19 vaccine. The Ministry of Health added the Kovid-19 vaccine status information feature to the e-Pulse application . Clicking on the "Covid-19 Vaccine Status" menu here, the vaccine priority status can be seen.

The vaccine priority status of people who do not use mobile applications or do not have internet can also be queried via text message (SMS). Leaving space between them, "AŞI", T.C. It is necessary to send the last 4 digits of the ID Number and the person's ID serial number to 2023 via SMS

Those who are among the priority groups need to make an appointment with the Central Physician Appointment System (MHRS) application.

With MHRS, vaccination appointments can be made from both family physicians, public, private and university hospitals.

Appointment information is sent to the person's mobile phone via text message (SMS).

The Ministry of Health should pay 15 minutes before the appointment time to avoid crowding at vaccine administration points.

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