Attack on Özdağ, Vice President of the Future Party!

Attack on Özdağ, Vice President of the Future Party! Deputy Chairman of the Future Party and former Manisa MP Selçuk Özdağ was attacked by five gunmen and sticks while leaving his house to go to Friday prayers. Özdağ, whose gun was pointed and beaten with sticks, broke his left hand and one finger.

In a press statement on the matter from the Party of the Future Karaman Provincial Directorate, "and Brother, this outrageous attack carried out in front of Selcuk Özdağ home, Mr. Deputy Chairman of the Party, is an attack has been performed in the Republic of Turkey's peace and tranquility.

We are aware of the pressure and deterrence policies that have been tried to be established on the Future Party for a long time. We will not allow any of them. In this auspicious case we initiate, our brother and our guide Mr. Özdağ attackers, advancing with sure steps we must know that we will return to Turkey next path. Our Vice President and our brother Mr. We are with Özdağ.

While I condemn this treacherous attack on him with the most severe language, I hope that he will return to his duty as soon as possible. Those who try to spread the understanding of the mafia state all over the country, who try to intimidate political names will receive the necessary response with our policies, projects, and understanding of democracy and peace. Those who do not respect other opinions will take their place on the dusty shelves of politics with our policies towards democracy and peace. "

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