Earthquake in Karaman!

Earthquake in Karaman!

Last minute, the earthquake in the Mediterranean shook Karaman.

5.3 magnitude earthquake in Cyprus was felt also in Karaman.

The condition of the earthquake experienced in the city center of Karaman for a short time caused fear and panic among the citizens. Some citizens experiencing panic took to the streets and searched for their relatives.

The epicenter of the 5.3 magnitude shock that took place at 17.27 in the south of Cyprus, 60 kilometers below ground, is 7 kilometers from the city of Pergomas in Southern Cyprus.

Famagusta District, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
size 5.0 MW
depth 55.7km 35.11 ° N 33.71 ° E
21 January 2021 17:27:06 +03

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