1101 Crusades and Ermenek - (I)

1101 Crusades and Ermenek - (I)

In this research article, I will try to explain the value of the Anatolian lands on which we live, by conveying the results of three separate wars between the Crusaders and the Seljuks, which bear the most important characteristic of the Crusades.

I am not a historian myself, but as a teacher for 32 years, M.E. We gave our lessons in line with the B. Hundreds of students who take the course take the flags in the flag race to serve this country and run to the goal with sure steps.

Over and over again wars have been fought with the Crusaders in nearly 200 hundred years. Unfortunately, the Crusaders stepped on their dirty feet in our region. In 1101, I tried to determine that there were wars with the Crusaders in our Ermenek region. I am sure that after announcing this determination, our historians and local researchers will focus on the subject and reveal much clearer evidence. I wanted to announce and document two important wars in two plateaus in our region.

In my research, the first way I followed was to go from part to whole. Although three separate cemeteries in the plateaus of our region are attributed as nomad cemeteries, it is also a known fact that it is not at all like that, but our nomads nomads of our region also buried in these cemeteries.

However, we did not know or heard that the first formation of these cemeteries was related to an event. Until, during my researches for two books I had written before (Sbide Ancient City-Yukari Caglar / Tauruslar Yukarısı Ermenek), I saw a completely different truth. While he reflects the reality I saw to you, I cannot pass without exhibiting that the Crusader army around 300-450, who entered Anatolia in 1101, dug their own graves with their crossing routes and wars.

1st Army: Lombard - French --German
2nd Army: French from Nevers
3rd Army: Aquitania - consisted of soldiers of Bayern origin.

First Army: Departing from Istanbul, it was towards Tokat Niksar. However, before reaching Niksar, you will see in my source quotations with the Merzifon war, that around 160,000 soldiers remained on the battlefields, and the counts in their heads were able to escape and save their lives ...

Second Army: It is seen that they are moving to Istanbul, Ankara, Kulu, Cihanbeyli, Konya and Ermenek routes. Kulu, Cihanbeyli, Konya and the next battlefields of the 1101 Crusades departing from Ankara and the 300-strong part of the army moving towards Ermenek, only 12 counts out of 700 people who escaped to the mountains and dense forest area between Konya and Ermenek and were chased due to hunger and thirst. and the upper echelon can reach…

Third Army: Arriving via Akşehir and entering Ereğli from İsmil and Karapınar route and being destroyed, army rulers escaping and saving their lives ...

“The crusader movement in 1101, which resulted in a complete defeat for the Westerners,

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