Dream without comment

Dream without comment

Anyone who will have a day to remember when he was last crying! This day will also be the shadow of the next days, to remind you, to show the way to be a guide, not to forget ...

We are in a strange world where those who are about to die cry after their dead! Life is like drinking a glass of water on the way from the delivery room to the gas facility. While looking at the full and empty side of the glass, looking at the glass from this angle; Prejudices, gains, wasted time, good intentions, pessimistic thoughts, ambition, appetite, soul… can be a global unit of measurement in calculating how many sips of life remain. Your enthusiasm, your possibility, your breath, your body and the world ...

Kemal SAYAR said, "We are also tragic beings since we started to die from the day we were born.

If you can no longer reach a number in the phone book, if the number of people you can call at night is reduced, if you cannot find an old hand with wrinkled bindings to visit and kiss during holidays, if you are missing a place at the feast tables, those who visit the elsewhere at weddings are your peers; The amount of water remaining in the glass you drink while sipping is also obvious.

We are in a deep sleep, we are in a long dream! On this road from infancy to adolescence, from youth to parenthood, from old age to grave, where we do not have a small idea about who we are in general acceptance; we are strange travelers. In this journey with a short road, a lot of hard work, a lot of obstacles, side roads are dead-end streets, no shortcuts; arrival at the end is also the beginning of eternity.

In modern time; Where the age limit of old age is set beyond and where young elders multiply, death is ignored. The denial of fate, whose existence is true, is not something to be explained by reason. To say that the running person has no feet is like saying that the person who sees has no eyes.

"We live a life with an end, they are in a deep sleep on the brink of eternity, perhaps in a dream they have never seen before," said Gökhan ÖZCAN.

At the age of forty he had his first grandchild in his arms. As long as this grandchild knew herself, her grandmother's prayer was always as follows: “May God not invest! Two days bed third day black soil ”. When his grandson, who witnessed this prayer, was 35 years old, when his phone rang at the time of the morning prayer, he realized the news he would receive. Her grandmother, who had been in intensive care for two days, passed away on the third day.

In the world where breaths are numbered, body health and body health are looking for the day, the skin is reduced, the bones are weakened, the eyes are gradually losing their ability to see; the past is like a dream. Memories of the past, memories of difficult days, emotions of happy times today, smiles of funny times on faces; these are the unforgettable moments of the dream.

Even though man awaits death, his sadness is in the memories of his memories.

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