The Four Deaf Legends

The Four Deaf Legends

Karaman Intelligence Cubes Clash - 3
A Deaf Dialogue Presented in the Karaman Taşeli Region ...

One day, someone from a distance comes to Tekaüt Goca, who is riding a couple on the plain called Gölcük, north of Gargara. This is a deaf shepherd who has lost his herd.

Tekaüt tells Goca that he lost his herd and asks if he has seen it.

Tekaüt Goca, with a hearing impairment, said "How much of this field is yours?" and the recipe starts:

Pointing with his hand, "I'm between that hawthorn tree and the lair ahead." he says.

But the deaf shepherd does this; "Your flock came from here and went over there." understands the form. The shepherd, who set off immediately, finds his herd two hills away and decides to reward the farmer by separating a written goat.

One of his horns grabs the broken script and drags it to the Tekaüt Goca. "This is your right, eat halal halal with your family." says.

But the deaf farmer said, "Why did you break the horn of this post?" he thinks he says.

"By God, neither did I break it, neither did I break it, take it away, I have a younger place to be exiled." says.

When the shepherd could not explain the situation, he tied it to a bush and left to go to the herd.

When he reaches the herd, he sees that a horse rushing from the village side. He precedes him to ask him to negotiate with the farmer. While explaining this in sign language, the horse said, "Thank you." it means waving a hand and spurting his horse and riding it towards Çarşak. It turns out that this horseman was also deaf. He was someone who went out in search of the mother of the bride, who escaped from the mother of the bride on horseback. It was the shepherd's "Anan has just gone towards Çarşak." understood what he said. Towards Çarşak, the Agan found his horseman crying at the foot of a stone.

"Mother, let's go, your bride apologizes to you." when you say:

"By God, I don't go above that house until that bride leaves that house, say billahi." said.

They join together with the four deaf farmers, consisting of the horse, mother, shepherd and farmer, and they want to see someone who has heard well, who comes to the pond to collect bonito, and ask them to understand themselves.

The man listens to each other and negotiates with each other.

The most profitable one among them is Tekaüt Goca. That evening, "We haven't seen any flesh since the sacrifice." feasts on his wife and children.

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