Oil effect on the dollar

Oil effect on the dollar While the dollar depreciated on the impeachment agenda in the US, the TL's performance was limited due to the rise in oil prices. The rise in oil prices increases the current account deficit and foreign exchange need as well as consumer inflation. 14 January dollar rate at 7.41 TL ...

While the dollar index fluctuated between 89.50 and 90.50 in the discussions on Trump's impeachment agenda, the US House of Representatives vote accepted the impeachment clause for which President Donald Trump was accused of "incitement to rebellion".

Developing countries followed a positive course against the dollar yesterday, while TL recorded a limited momentum compared to other currencies. While foreign portfolio inflows to TL assets continued to increase, the rise in oil prices affected the dollar / TL falling below 7.40.

Rising oil prices and foreign exchange needs Turkey's current account deficit while increasing negative impact on inflation, pushing past $ 60 Brent oil price of 55 dollars today.

US unemployment applications will be watched on the markets today. The dollar rate on January 14 is at 7.41 TL.

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