Horn Important Gardaş in Politics

Horn Important Gardaş in Politics

Our former Provincial Council President Mustafa Bayır is a beloved brother with his wit. It is a phrase that he adds to politics. When we go to village or neighborhood visits together, it gets stuck with the driver. "Gardaş, press the horn, even if we are in the car, the citizen turns his head towards us and we find the opportunity to salute. Horn is important in politics, don't forget, gardaş ”. The Sound of the Horn, its tuning, the rhyme of the music, etc. is not important. Just make a sound. The brand of the car is also lost in this horn business. Let it be clear that we came to the village or any neighborhood. In fact, this is an effort to let us not walk like a band without greetings.

Joking aside, the horn is a means of greeting in our culture. For example, if there is a vehicle whose license plate or driver you know in traffic, this nation greets you with a horn. The horn greeting device sometimes acts as a joyful cry when an expatriate arrives in their neighborhood, when a wedding convoy moves, at a team's championship celebration, or when you pick up a friend you know from a house. So the horn has more than just a simple whistle in our culture.

Our brother Mustafa would have captured this functionality of the horn well, and he would repeat the refrain "the horn is important in politics" on every trip.

Of course, the horn was more important as an instrument in the years when there were no internet, mobile phones and social media and the valiant appeared in the private square. Especially in the years of the Welfare Party, we brought videos and cassettes to the villages, and we had the cassettes of the party preachers, especially the late Erbakan, were played at home meetings, which meant that we were making the first contact with the village residents with a horn. Then the meeting and conversation chapter. What were the days. Since politics was carried out with a case understanding, sacrifice, sincerity and excitement were at the highest level.

Nowadays, communication tools of people have become different and diversified. The horn became environmentally uncomfortable. He has no old sympathy anymore. But the message given by the horn is actually the art of capturing the spirit of politics. No dialogue with the voters can be established without saluting, shaking hands, touching the eyes, or even embracing - in times without corona. You cannot be put in your heart. You cannot properly convey any of your messages to the person you do not want. You cannot win your heart. Politics comes to life not at the desk, but between the streets and within the citizen.

In the new year, I wish you healthy and beautiful days without Coronas and horns that will not disturb you.

Yours sincerely.
Lawyer Arb.Mevlüt Akgün

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