Turkey's first and only Turkish Traditional Archery Workshop in kmü

Turkey's first and only Turkish Traditional Archery Workshop in kmü

Karamanoğlu Mehmetbey University (KMU), the first and only in Turkey continues to work with the traditional Turkish archery field. The University reveals the traces of history with the Traditional Turkish Archery Workshop it established.

Traditional Turkish Archery Workshop at KMU Yunus Emre Culture and Art House puts its signature under important works. In the workshop, traditional Turkish bows are made with modern materials and R&D studies are carried out on new Turkish bow models, while archery training is given to enthusiasts.

Thousands of bows and arrows have been produced by hand in the Traditional Turkish Archery Workshop of the University, and hundreds of trainees have been provided with the opportunity of practical archery training.

The Rector Prof. Dr. Mehmet Akgül stated that they made an important attempt to keep traditional Turkish archery alive today and to increase interest in traditional arts such as calligraphy, ney and marbling as well as “We are extremely happy to present the Traditional Turkish Archery Workshop, which is the first and still only in our country, for the use of our students and our people. . It is our greatest aim to pass this important art, which dates back to ancient times, from generation to generation. For this purpose, we have provided all kinds of infrastructure support to our workshop and we continue to do so. In addition to archery tools such as arrows, bows, armor and caftan, our workshop also has machinery and equipment to be used in arrow making. said.

Rector Akgül stated that many local and foreign students have been given courses in the Traditional Turkish Archery Workshop so far, and said, "Even though our trainings are interrupted for a while due to the pandemic, we are planning to open a new course by paying attention to the hygiene and social distance rules for the children of our university staff." found in the description.

Rector Akgül thanked all KMU staff who contributed to the establishment of the Traditional Turkish Archery Workshop at Karamanoğlu Mehmetbey University and said, “Our workshops are carried out under the coordination of Karamanlı Sanatkar Osman Gözel, who has been awarded the title of 'Traditional Bow and Arrow Maker' by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. In addition to R&D studies on bow and arrow, he also pioneers research on armor, skirt and caftan. Congratulations to Artist Gözel, who continues his productive work within our university; I hope the interest in our traditional arts will continue to increase day by day. " said.

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