English alphabet

English alphabet

How should English letters be read? English alphabet and letter pronunciation are subject to minor changes today. We have compiled what you need to know while learning the pronunciation of the English alphabet.

Is English Changing During Pandemic?

As we all know, the pandemic process has affected societies in all areas. The effect of this situation not only experienced in the field of health; It is seen in bilateral relations, educational processes, business life and all other material matters. So, what changes does such a situation bring about the language people speak? The answer to this question will be detailed later in the article, but to comment in general; It is not impossible to affect the English of this process, which has taken every area of ​​the world by storm.

Is there any change in English during the pandemic? in the English alphabet should be mentioned that the content of the next portion of what changes occurred in both English grammar and then will be interrogated about the future of English education in Turkey.

An unfamiliar study was conducted by the editors of the Oxford English Dictionary in April, when the pandemic was widespread around the world. This research aims to reveal the changes in the English language during the pandemic period. Although this research was conducted during the pandemic period; In fact, the aim was achieved over the past 20 years to select the words included in the language and measure their prevalence.

This survey, which published quarterly updates to announce new words and their meanings, was very popular with the British public, and these updates are usually March, June, September. and it is made available to those who want it in December.

This research, which was originally conducted and documented in these four months of the year; Due to the extraordinary conditions of 2020, it has been exposed to some differences. During these months, in late spring and additionally in July, the editors of the Oxford English Dictionary felt the need to officially document the impact on English of the COVID-19 pandemic pandemic around the world, and examined what changes had been made to the English alphabet and did their research They have published their special updates.

According to the editors who conducted the research, the coronavirus epidemic affected the English language in various ways, especially the English alphabet pronunciation. The coronavirus, which cannot be described only as an epidemic disease, has shown its effect on every issue, especially in today's conditions where globalization has spread to all areas of life. In this case, ignore the coronavirus effect on the English alphabet.

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