Kağnıcı: Press is the tool of freedom

Kağnıcı: Press is the tool of freedom Republican People's Party Karaman Province Chairman Mustafa Cem Kağnıcı published a message on the occasion of January 10 Working Journalists Day.

Kağnıcı stated the following in his statement:

“Working Journalists' Day, which was declared on January 10, 1961 with the enactment of the law numbered 212, which improved the situation of journalists, is now celebrated as Working Journalists Day. Today, rapidly changing technology and media opportunities define a new journalist who has the ability to use many instruments at the same time, and necessitate the use of different talents such as Internet and TV journalism. Despite all this change, the unchanging professional principles and values ​​of the journalism profession show that the journalism profession will be defined as the most respected area of ​​expertise today and in the future, as in the past. Journalists and the mass media, which play a role in journalism, have undertaken great duties in attracting people's attention and creating public opinion. There should be accurate reporting, impartiality, respect for privacy, and guiding values ​​for press and media employees.

Press, one of the cornerstones of democracy, is the most effective tool of freedom of thought, expression and news. In this sense, it undertakes an important task for the protection of democracy by providing data flow between institutions and individuals. With its enlightening and guiding functions, the press feeds the dynamism of civil society and plays an important role in the healthy functioning and strengthening of democracy. In order to inform the public, our journalist friends, who carry out an important profession that includes values ​​such as providing accurate information, impartiality, objectivity, respect for private life and personal rights, make a voice to the conscience of the nation by ensuring that they receive accurate and complete information on time, which is the most natural right of the citizen. However, at the point where our country has come, 10 of our journalists are arrested, hundreds of them cannot freely report, and those who do are pay a heavy price. Unfortunately, the government prevents the public from accessing real information. A monopoly press was established in our country, where the supporting media was supported.

Despite everything, we are fortunate to have journalists who can make real news freely and without fear and inform our nation. I reiterate once again that we stand by all our press workers, I wish all our brave and faithful journalists, who have always adopted the principle of writing the truth, a future where they will be provided with free and impartial reporting conditions and gain professional rights, and congratulate January 10 Working Journalists' Day.

- Karamandan.com, bölümünde yayınlandı