Ünver Speaks About Mining Law in Parliament

Ünver Speaks About Mining Law in Parliament Republican People's Party Karaman Deputy Att. İsmail Atakan Ünver made a speech on behalf of the CHP Group on the 5th article of the law proposal, which was discussed in the Turkish Grand National Assembly and amended the mining law.

Speaking to the power ranks from the tribune of the Parliament, Unver said, "Don't forget the miner boy who said" Give my father's due! " said.


In his speech, Ünver criticized the mining policies of the AK Party government and the proposed law and reminded the miners who took action in Ermenek to get their rights. Unver; “About a month ago, I also stated on this podium that steps should be taken to solve the problems of our miners who took action in Ermenek. Today, in this proposal, which is under discussion, there are also regulations regarding the mining law, but again, the problems of the miners have been alarmed and their voices have been ignored. he spoke.


Stating that the economy of Ermenek is based on coal mining and stated that life has come to a halt after the Ermenek mining disaster that took place in 2014; “There was a migration of miners in Ermenek, those who did not migrate were sentenced to unemployment and poverty. According to the parliamentary question, the Ministry said, "The actions to be taken regarding the miners who lost their jobs in Ermenek are not under the responsibility of our Ministry." he replied. It does nothing to open the coal mines that have been closed, it does not do anything for the miners who will get it from the boss. It does nothing for miners who lost their jobs due to the mines closing. " and asked the government the following questions: “Why is the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources? Is the ministry there to protect the interests of three or five energy distribution companies or foreign gold exploration companies? ”


Expressing that miners in Ermenek, who used their right to abstain from work arising from the Labor Law, were fired by the employer without compensation, continued as follows: “The Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources has the means and investment While he has the power to solve all the problems experienced with his power, it is not there. The Ministry should stop ignoring the miners who have not even been able to receive their salaries for months, take responsibility and prevent the exploitation of the miner. All of our miner brothers and Ermenek await this urgently. ”


Saying that the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources should take action as soon as possible in order to open the closed mines in Ermenek and where coal mining has strategic importance; "If the private sector cannot operate these closed mines, the state should operate it through TKİ." said. Stating that compensation has not yet been paid to the families of 18 miners who lost their lives in the Ermenek mine disaster, Ünver stated that some payments were made by the state in July.

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