Minister Gül: "I go to the keyboard and call out to those who ordered me to arrest me on social media, the laws work here"

Minister Gül: "I go to the keyboard and call out to those who ordered me to arrest me on social media, the laws work here"

Justice Minister Abdulhamit Gül said, “I stand at the keyboard and call out to those who have ordered me to arrest or evacuate on social media every day. The Republic of Turkey is a state of law. Here laws work, rules work, procedures work and continue to function. Those who do not like this procedure use the right to appeal, but nobody can wave a finger at the judiciary. No one can expect the Minister of Justice to interfere with this process. The Minister of Justice does not have a judge or prosecutor's gown, I did not wear that gown during my tenure, and no one should be sorry, I will never wear that gown during my duty.

Justice Minister Gul, "5. He participated in the Appeal Assessment Meeting on the year. In his speech at the meeting, Minister Gül said that he had no doubts that members of the judiciary would continue to fulfill this difficult but equally honorable duty. Stating that he sincerely believes that he will serve everyone who comes to the door of the judiciary for justice without discrimination, Gül expressed that every citizen should be sure that justice will reach when he knocks on the door of justice and must have this feeling.

"Judiciary does not care about anyone's qualifications, everyone is equal before the law"

Expressing that they will never be caught up in the idea of ​​absolute truth and infallibility, while working sincerely in order to offer the justice services to the citizens in the best way, Gül said, “We are aware of the value of different ideas, different evaluations and public criticism. Criticism is an indispensable resource for the development of public services. For this reason, it will certainly benefit from such criticism, especially the judiciary, and will benefit from it, and will make its efforts to make it even more positive. However, the transformation of opinion and criticism into constructive contribution depends on sincerity and consistency, and above all on the correct information. For example, we all know that arrest is prohibited for a crime that requires up to two years of imprisonment. Insulting crime is also within the scope of this prohibition. We welcome the reaction of our citizens who are unfamiliar with the technical details of the issue. Even such reactions can be read as a social demand for a revision of existing rules. However, the participation of those whom we assume technical expertise in such evaluations is sometimes thought-provoking. It is not fair to blame or criticize the judiciary for applying the laws. The judiciary does not care about anyone's title, everyone is equal before the law. The Supreme Council does not enact individual, event specific laws. We are all law enforcement officers, whether we have a role in the executive or the judiciary, ”he said.

"The place where these will be discussed is the roof of the Supreme Assembly, not social media"

Saying, "If we ascribe value to our Veteran's Assembly as the manifestation of the will of the nation, we have to obey the laws that are the manifestation of this will," Gül continued his speech as follows:

“If we do not like the laws, it is necessary to criticize the law, not the judge who implements the law. Our parliament and the political establishment discuss the law that they find wrong, and if necessary change it, and we convey all kinds of support and opinions on this issue.

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