Turkey will be the highest! Antalya - Konya Will Connect Karaman

Turkey will be the highest! Antalya - Konya Will Connect Karaman

22 percent of the bridge superstructure construction has been completed in the Eğiste Viaduct, which is under construction on the Taurus Mountains.


AA correspondent, according to information from the General Directorate of Highways, Turkey is shown as one of the prestigious projects, Konya-Antalya is in progress in the construction of the Viaduct Egis will connect.

In the project built on Hadim State Highway, which connects Konya-Hadim-Taşkent and Sarıveliler-Başyayla-Ermenek districts of Karaman, foundation concrete productions were completed and elevation construction works were completed by 98 percent.

In the project, which is continuing to produce superstructure in the middle pillars, 22 percent progress has been achieved in the superstructure of the right and left bridges. The Eğiste Viaduct is expected to be completed in 2022.

The viaduct, which is under construction on the road currently used at the Egiste Stream crossing of Hadim State Road, will reduce the longitudinal slope of the 4 thousand 400 meters long section from 8 percent to 2.30 percent.

Thus, the distance will be shortened by 4 thousand 400 meters with the project, which will significantly ease the transportation in Eğiste Creek, which is overcome by steep slopes and sharp bends.

The viaduct will be built on a 12.50 meter gauge double road platform and will operate with double round trips. 42 to 8 166-meter viaduct will be built on the mid-foot, with this feature, "Turkey's highest-legged bridge" will be.

- "The distance between Konya and Antalya will decrease to 2 hours and 15 minutes"

Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA), Hadim Mayor Ahmet Hadimioğlu said that the construction brought excitement to the region.

Pointing out that one of the prestigious projects of the country is rising in the region, Hadimioğlu said:

"A big project, our district is being done within the boundaries. Konya-Antalya to 2 hours will drop to 15 minutes. This viaduct, important in terms of being Turkey's highest-footed by 166 meters. The time and that saves fuel. Yerköprü tourism potential It will contribute to the economy of the district. I would like to thank our government, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and our ministers for their efforts here.

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