Who deceived Karaman?

Who deceived Karaman?

This week, it was announced that Karaman honey was chosen as the best honey in the world. But it turned out that the news was not correct. Now the question is; Who tricked Karaman?

Of course, everyone is proud that any product produced in Karaman is the best in the world. However, it is not tolerable to deceive the Karaman public opinion, its administrators and journalists even though there is no such success.

The essence of the work was revealed by Ahmet Tek, one of the writers of Karamandan.com. Experienced journalist Ahmet Tek, who does not immediately accept the news he heard and investigates, "Honey Lie, Lie Like Honey" , he stated that the news in the press is not original.

in a single text, these days, or this year's Beekeeping Congress, the most recent of the lack of any honey contest held in Turkey in 2017, but In this congress, he stated that it is out of question for the Karaman producer to be the first in the world.


In our research, we have seen that the 45th Apimondia International Beekeeping Congress Karaman, which was held neither now nor in 2017, was not read. We noticed that the information previously published in the Karaman press, including our news site, was wrong. Although it is an embarrassment for journalism, not only we, the press members, but also the city's parliamentarians, governors, provincial directors of agriculture and the people of Karaman have been officially deceived. The same lies have been told to many executives and press members since 2017.

Now, a statement is expected from KARTAP and Karaman Province Bee Farmers Association, who recently voiced the issue and promoted it on social media with a poster it prepared. Karaman with short name KARTAP Promote% B

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