Gradual measure period in coronavirus

Gradual measure period in coronavirus New measures were taken after the increase of cases in the coronavirus. The effects of the measures will be followed for 14 days. If the rate of spread continues in the same way, new bans will gradually come into effect.

In line with the recommendations of the Ministry of Health Scientific Committee, the effect of the restrictions against coronavirus will be monitored for 14 days, if the speed of the virus does not slow down, new bans will gradually come into effect.

According to a report from Turkey Yucel Kayaoğlu newspaper; In the weekly meeting of the Scientific Committee, it was decided that the reflection of the measures to be taken in the first place would be seen within 10-14 days, and that new restrictions would be brought to the agenda gradually according to the table that will emerge. The first measures are seen as a move to reduce the pressure on hospitals and slow down the high wave. During this period, citizens have a great responsibility to prevent the contamination between those who live in the same house and those who work in the same workplace, which has become the source of the virus. If there is no decline after 2 weeks, more drastic measures will be taken, such as spreading the night curfew to the weekends or going "full closure" on weekends.


It is stated that there has been a 'high wave' especially since the beginning of this month, the number of official active cases has exceeded 50 thousand, but this number is around 500 thousand with asymptomatic cases. Health Minister Fahrettin husband, the bounce rate of positive tests in April to 20% in Turkey, 10% said it was in September. It is stated that this rate has risen above the April level since the beginning of November.


In field studies, it was determined that the rate of transmission of the virus increased very high, and especially those living in the same house and the same workplace were the main source of transmission of the virus. In evaluations, “Domestic contamination must be prevented. Neighborhood, relatives visits still continue. A positive case is detected in a house, after a few days other family members or those who come to visit are also positive ”. It was noted that hanging "warning signs on buildings with cases" in some cities can be applied in other provinces, as it is a good awareness. Home visits were asked to be banned by the provincial pandemic committees.

On the other hand, the closure of schools until December 31 is also expected to reduce mobility.

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