CHP Karaman organization visited mine workers and farmers

CHP Karaman organization visited mine workers and farmers Republican People's Party Karaman organizations visited the mine workers in Güneyyurt Town and beet scales in Sudurağı and Kızık village on Saturday, October 31st.

The following statements were used in the written press release regarding their visit:

“As the Republican People's Party Karaman organizations, we continue to work to determine the problems of our people on the spot, to solve these problems and to increase the welfare of our citizens.

On Saturday, October 31, our Provincial Mayor Mustafa Cem Kağnıcı, Central District Mayor Ahmet Recai Evcen, Ermenek District Mayor Mustafa Bozcu, Sarıveliler District Mayor Ahmet Ersan, Ayrancı District Mayor Şenol Ceylan, our provincial and district administrators, Göktepe Mayor Mustafa Doğan, Youth Together with our Provincial Head of Branch, Mustafa Durmaz, we visited our mining workers in Güneyyurt Town, who have been seeking rights for 62 days. We have been with our workers, whose hands are black with coal and whose foreheads are clean, since the first day of their rightful resistance. We have voices both in the public and in the parliament.

The government needs to solve this problem, we know that with some steps taken recently, the salaries of a few of our workers have been paid, but the righteous resistance continues for the salaries, compensation and personal rights of our remaining tens of workers. As the Republican People's Party Karaman Provincial Organization, we will continue to stand by our laborers until the day our victim workers, whose number is 150, receive all their rights.

The troubles of our country are very much, as Republican People's Party cadres, we become the voice of our people. In this context, our deputy İsmail Atakan Ünver visited the weighers where beet was bought in our Sudurağı town and Kızık village. They evaluated the beet prices and harvest season this year. The base purchase price for beet was announced according to the 12% inflation made up by TURKSTAT, despite the increase in electricity by more than 40% and other inputs by more than 50%. When the buyer of the beet is the sole buyer and the state determines the price, our farmer gives his product to the factory in despair, even if the price is low.

The expectation of our farmer is the announcement of the undisclosed C quota beet prices and the elimination of the uncertainty. In Egypt, although our farmers are satisfied with the price, the low yield compared to last year does not provide the expected profitability. The problems of our farmers are big and urgent. Must be a country dependent on foreign produce, we are moving rapidly towards an agricultural country Turkey said that Turkey can not produce gururlanırk unfortunately.

The Republican People's Party is ready to be in power with all its cadres. We know the problems of our country and nation. The solutions to these problems will also be produced by our staff, we share our solution suggestions at every opportunity. A government that cannot produce solutions to the problems of our nation then ignores the problems and blocks their ears. As the Republican People's Party Karaman organization, we are on the field and my nation

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