He beat the corona virus at the age of 98 with his 3 children

He beat the corona virus at the age of 98 with his 3 children

Hakkı Aslan, who is the same age as the Republic with 6 children and 22 grandchildren living in Konya, defeated the corona virus he was caught with his 3 children.

Hakkı Aslan, 98, who lives in the Karatay district of Konya and lost his wife 2 years ago, applied to the hospital with complaints such as weakness and cough with his children aged 72, 65 and 60 respectively. Hakkı Aslan, who received treatment for 10 days after the corona virus test results were positive, regained his health in a short time. Discharged from the hospital, Hakkı Aslan drives a car on days when there are no restrictions, unlike his peers, he does his own job and eats regularly.

"I am 98 years old, I don't need anyone more"

Explaining that the virus caused weakness, loss of appetite and slight contraction in itself, Hakkı Aslan said, “They took me to the hospital. They didn't tell me I was a virus either. They immediately hospitalized me in an emergency. They also hospitalized my older daughter, son, and little daughter. Our doctor treated us. We slept for 10-12 days, and nothing happened after that, thank God. I am 98 years old, I don't need anyone more. I travel, dust, eat and drink. I owe my health to four things. First, I did not accept aging. Second, I don't accept pessimism at all. Third, you will not be captive to materiality. Fourth, your lady will be fine, then you will not age. ”

"I ride in the car"

Explaining that he does not choose to eat and eats everything, Hakkı Aslan said, “I like grilled stuff very much. I love going to the mountains, animals and the forest. I do not need anyone at this age, but my children do not leave me alone day and night. Even if I am alone, I can see my own business. I go downstairs and get in the car and travel. They took the car keys from me, but sometimes I get in the car with my own key and run away. So we manage. I have no trouble, thank God. For the moment, I have no place that is aching, bothering me, I'm fine, ”he said.

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