Karaman Intelligence Cubes Clash - 2

Karaman Intelligence Cubes Clash - 2

Fox Bear and Turtle Partnership
A Fair Harvest Sharing Tale from Our Fables ...

Planting is suspended in Gölcük, the property of our town, after the forest has taken over. Sowing, which is forbidden to humans, is continued by animals.

The bear, the fox and the tortoise come together and decide to plant Gölcük together. One autumn day someone takes the praise, the other two rush to the yoke and say "deh!" and they sow wheat from one end to the other on fifty acres of writing.

Towards the end of June, it is time for the crops to be harvested. Partners bear, fox and tortoise come together again and say, "Let's start harvesting our crop." they decide and dissolve.

They meet the next morning, divide work among themselves:

Fox: It shows the Flood rock in Kuşakpınar, saying "There are rocks that you see above". “If that rock collapses it will ruin our crop, our threshing. I will prevent this by lying on his bottom. " he says and pulls away, lies in the shadow.

The bear also pointed to Göksu, which flows under the town and said, "What you see is the creek you see, it will destroy our crop, our threshing." He said, "I'll prevent this by lying in that lair." and he pulls away and lies in the dark shadow of the rock.

The tortoise is desperate, does not object, and alone mows the crops, piles them into threshing, and separates his experiment, straw and cuttings into three heaps.

Following this, the fox and the bear immediately arrive at the threshing floor. They also exchange ideas about how to divide the crop. When everyone wants the wheat for themselves, they cannot agree.

The bear and the fox again work their minds (!) and come up with an insidious idea to put in wheat:

"We are going to organize a race, whoever comes to the head of Çarşak from Gölcük first, wheat is his. Hay will fall on the second one. The third will do with cuts. " they say.

When the turtle says okay, the race starts the next morning. The fox arrives at Gabardic in a twitch. "They can't keep up with me anyway." he reaches the bottom of the juniper tree.

The bear also comes to Gabardic quickly. He looks that the fox is lying. Going a little higher, one of them is sleeping, and the other is impossible. " and lies in the shade of an acorn tree.

The tortoise walks slowly without stopping. He sees the fox and the bear sleeping and continues on his way without making a sound.

From the beginning of Çarşak; "Come on guys, where are you?" she shouts. The bear and the fox do not admit defeat and say, let's try another way.

The idea of ​​the bear; "Whoever is the oldest will get the wheat, and the next old straw will get the next cut." he says. All agree.

Bear; asks the fox "How old are you?"
Fox: "I am two hundred years old."
Fox also asks the bear: “How old are you?%

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