Seyithasan Village Wants Water

Seyithasan Village Wants Water Seyithasan villagers of Karaman Center said they had a water shortage and said, "We are carrying water from a distance of 5 km."

This year, Disaster Houses built by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization were completed and delivered to the villagers. However, the villagers who moved to the disaster houses built in Karaman Seyithasan Village, who lived with the fear of landslides for many years, have difficulty because there is no water in their houses. Although the disaster houses were handed over, the villagers who moved to their homes without facing new disasters without winter suppression could not be given water yet.

The villagers who reached are 5 km from the new settlement. They stated that they are trying to sustain life by carrying water from the old village, which is located away. The villagers, who said that many families in the village moved to the new village and the rest could not because of water shortage, said, "The contractor should finish his job and deliver the water to the village. We expect help from the authorities on this issue. Winter is at the door. Our life will turn into suffering in heavy winter conditions. In the old place, the fear of landslides, there is thirst in the new place." they said.


Problems in disaster houses built in Seyithasan village were spotted two weeks ago. The head of the Karaman Special Provincial Administration, Adem Kapar, the General Secretary Evren Çakır and the members of the council stated that the problems in the disaster houses in Seyithasan village would be determined on site and resolved. The water problem of the village could not be solved in the past 15 days.

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