Karaman exported 250 million dollars in 2020

Karaman exported 250 million dollars in 2020

Evaluating the export figures in terms of the provinces in AKIB's area, including Karaman, President Huriye Yamanyılmaz said that in 2020, Karaman exported 250.6 million dollars reported.

AKİB Coordinator Chairman Yamanyılmaz; "2021 will be a year of digital transformation and breakthrough in exports"

Huriye Yamanyılmaz, Coordinator President of the Mediterranean Exporters Unions stated that 2020 was a year in which different experiences were gained in many aspects despite all the losses, and 2021 will be a year of re-stabilizing in the economy and social life and a breakthrough in exports. Yamanyılmaz said, “The predictable steps taken by the economy administration will bring along a healthier functioning of the wheels in the real sector, sustainable growth and economic stability. In this process, companies that can keep up with digital transformation, are innovative, concentrate on value-added production and work export-oriented will benefit.

"We exported $ 11.2 billion in 2020"
Stating that they continue to produce and export by rapidly adapting to the conditions of an epidemic period that pushes the boundaries far beyond the expectations all over the world, President Huriye Yamanyılmaz said, “We continued our efforts to increase our exporters to be more effective in existing markets and to be present in new markets. By combining innovative solutions such as economic measures taken by our government, financial support and contactless export applications with the dynamism of our regional exporters, we continued our exports without interruption. As AKİB, we signed a total of 11 billion 206 million dollars of exports in 2020. The support we provided to the country's exports was reflected at the rate of 7.2 percent ”.

"Balances will be re-established after the epidemic in the global arena"
Turkey's exports growth to continue and that the 2020 third quarter percent 6.7 performance in OECD countries in not Yamanyıl President reminded that one country stands out showing positive growth, he said: "In spite of all the negativity in the country 169.5 billion dollars we exported. Our country will be one of the rare countries that can succeed in closing growth at the end of the year. The solid infrastructure and faithful employees of our health sector, our strong economy based on production, our banking sector based on solid foundations and all the stakeholders of the logistics sector have kept our country alive by ensuring the uninterrupted operation of production, supply chain and financial system. We believe that the first quarter of 2021 will be a transition period for our country, and the overall year will be a year of stabilization and breakthrough in the economy and social life. In the global arena, signs of important economic and political developments that will re-establish the balances after the epidemic have started to become apparent. Signed by 15 countries in the Asia-Pacific region and is the world's largest free trade

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