Does Consumer Know Their Rights in Karaman?

Does Consumer Know Their Rights in Karaman?

Statement on the Application Monetary Limits of the 2021 Consumer Arbitration Board and State Arbitration Panel.

Karaman Association for the Protection of Consumer Rights Ali AKAR, with the re-evaluation rate determined for 2020, the monetary limits of the Consumer Arbitration Committee and the State Arbitration Committee were increased by 9.11% to be applied as of 01/01/2021, on December 26, 2020 and 31346 According to the notification published in the Official Gazette No. He stated that the monetary limit for the District Consumer Arbitration Committees was increased from 6.920 TL to 7.550 TL, and the monetary limit for application to the Provincial Consumer Arbitration Committees was increased from 10.390 TL to 11.330 TL. Association President AKAR stated that it is mandatory to apply to our Association or Karaman Consumer Arbitration Committee for disputes of 11.330 TL and below, which are the subject of consumer disputes for our province.

Ali AKAR, again, the application limit of the State Arbitration Committee, according to the Tax Procedure Law General Communiqué published in the Official Gazette dated 28/11/2020 and numbered 31318; Stating that the revaluation rate announced by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance for 2020 has been increased by 9.11%, it has been increased from 117.394.36 TL to 128.088.99 TL to be implemented as of 01/01/2021. Accordingly, the President of the Association AKAR stated that in the disputes under 128,088.99 TL in accordance with the fifth and sixth paragraphs of Article 10 of the Law on the Regulation of the Trade of Vegetables and Fruits and Other Goods with Sufficient Supply and Demand Depth, the application to the Arbitration Committees is obligatory, the value is 128,088.99. In disputes over TL, he stated that applications to the Arbitral Tribunal are not mandatory, and the decisions of the committee for disputes over TL 128,088.99 can be presented to the commercial courts of first instance as evidence.

What Should Be Considered For Not Being A Victim?

"It will be in their best interest to get information from the Consumer Rights Protection Association or the Provincial Consumer Arbitration Committee without wasting time on matters that the consumer does not know.

First of all, he must take the receipt or invoice for every purchase he makes. For example, you buy a shoe, there may be a problem with this shoe, it should know how much guarantee the shoe you buy has. The product has varying warranty periods depending on the "Hidden Shame" condition, there are cases that reach up to two years. We have many citizens who do not know the 14-day withdrawal period especially in distance sales.

You should definitely not shop from unsafe sites on social media, because the counterpart cannot be found.

It is not easy to be a victim who knows that he can use this withdrawal period in cases such as if the product he bought from television or the internet (reliable sites) does not or does not like the product he wants, does not meet his request.

Association Contact numbers: 0338 213 60 38 - 0543 580 14 66
Provincial Ground Jury Number: 0338 212 96 00 "

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