Uyan Karaman Belediyespor Wake Up

Uyan Karaman Belediyespor Wake Up

I regret to say that Karaman Belediyespor does not yet have the physical conditions demanded by the league. It is extremely poor in terms of physical performance required by league competition. Even in games played at a slow pace, we could not see the game domination aggressive understanding. We want to see that with this game concept, we are sure that the points will come.

As you know, there are no spectators in the matches, and the disadvantage is that Karamanoğulları fan group takes care of the team. As always, they show their support before and after the match through social media, with the positive energy they add to our players in the training field. As you know, not being able to take a place in our stadium in full capacity in line with the covid-19 rules is deeply upsetting all our devoted fans like me.

I will not comment separately for all matches. In general, we increase the tempo in some moments but we cannot bring it to an end. Goals and points come.

The fact that we are in the 3rd league with 17 teams and the 16th in the 2nd group is an indication of this.

We should be the tempo team in which the whole team participates, we should give the right to this 3rd place we came and come to the places we deserve. Otherwise, let's not go back to the past in this adventure.

Organized attacks must fight with the union. In these times, as a management team supporters, we need and believe in this.

WE SEE together what we can do when we believe.

Now we have to keep this going. It's time to show the world that we are not temporary in this league.

The game rules of the football game are basic and simple. If you want to move the ball to the opponent's half with long strokes, you will have a plan to win the second balls for positions that will occur after those long strokes. Otherwise, each long hit will not result in anything other than a voluntary offering to the opponent.

The long hit choice is actually a defensive choice. Removing the ball is an action like self-expulsion… After each long hit, the team's defense should advance rapidly, and the midfield should approach the area where the ball was thrown, so that there is a possibility of winning a second ball. It does not meet any of the requirements of both long hitting and long hitting. This does not happen. This is not acceptable.

The game of football is essentially a game of not leaving time for the opponent to play. Possession is also a game of developing organized attack when possession of the ball.

Bambum is not played in folk language.

I am not a coach, I am not involved in anyone's business, but we can make comments about the games played as a part of almost all of our lives.

The beginning of the league comes to the middle. Now you need points…

Karaman Belediyespor has always supported the club in order to reach the goal of our club, for our mayor Savaş Kalaycı, who never gave up his support, and for the supporters of Karamanoğulları who always support his team at home and away, For our people, for our club for everyone who has worked in the contributing management until this time.

After the successes achieved as the province of Karaman, our club Karaman Belediyespor has taken this week together with the promotion of the economy of our city as always.

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