Karaman's retired and university graduate farmers

Karaman's retired and university graduate farmers While 5 thousand tons of apples are produced in the Esentepe District in Göktepe district of Sarıveliler, which is located on the Taurus Mountains in Karaman, 80 percent of the producers in the neighborhood are retired and university graduates.

As a result of the referendum held 7 years ago when it was a village within the district, 600 people live in Esentepe, the neighborhood of Göktepe.

520 people living in the neighborhood are retired and returned to their hometown after working in different provinces. These people, many of whom are retired from teaching, work throughout the year and grow fruits such as apples, cherries and grapes on their paternal lands and contribute to the country's economy.

Göktepe Mayor Mustafa Doğan told Anadolu Agency (AA) that Esentepe is known for its natural wonders in the Central Taurus Mountains.

Expressing that the most important feature of Esentepe is its high level of education, Doğan said, "More than 500 teachers, dozens of doctors, judges and prosecutors have come out of our village. Everyone here leaves their village, while the people of Esentepe always come to their village when they retire. Now. The population of 600 approaches 2 thousand in summer. " he spoke.

Most of the producers in the neighborhood are retired and university graduates

Expressing that Esentepe is located in a mountainous area and agricultural land is scarce, Doğan said:

"There is no irrigation water in the neighborhood. The lands are on the slopes, small places. After our retirees came to their villages, they started to turn these lands into agricultural lands with work machines and manpower. Since there is no irrigation water, our gardens are hoeed at least 3 times. Last year 10 thousand tons. However, this year, the yield was around 5 thousand tons due to the fact that people could not take care of their gardens regularly due to drought and epidemic. In addition, nearly 2 thousand tons of raisins are produced. Most of the producers in the neighborhood are retired and university graduates. They follow innovations and produce. These people, who returned to their village after they were born, continue to work, make production. They set an example for their surroundings. they don't say. "

Hatice Şahin also stated that she retired after working 28 years at the tax office and then moved to Esentepe, where she was born and raised, and started farming. Şahin said, "I am trying to farm with my wife on our paternal lands. Last year we produced 20 tons of apples. This year we had 5 tons of apples and 2 tons of raisins. It is a very nice feeling to produce." said.

"Our people come to their villages and settle after retirement"

71-year-old retired teacher Hüseyin Avni also stated that education is given importance due to the lack of cultivation areas in the neighborhood.

Stating that being a teacher or a civil servant is a "salvation" for the people in the neighborhood, Avni said, "That's why we have a very large population outside the village. Our people come to their villages after retirement. These people make production. Now 80 percent of the village people. "Retired. Most of the retirees are teachers. he spoke.

Avni said that nearly 10 thousand tons of apples were produced in the neighborhood in previous years.

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