Good news for thousands of vehicle owners! 25 percent discount came

Good news for thousands of vehicle owners! 25 percent discount came

There are important regulations in the configuration law that will relieve the hands of 100 thousands of vehicle owners.

Accordingly; If the traffic fines, which are multiplied with interest because they are notified late, and the traffic fines accumulated because they are not paid, are paid in advance with a configuration, a 25 percent reduction will be made from the principal. Normally, this discount was made if paid within 15 days after the penalty was imposed.

The "Law on Restructuring Some Receivables and Amending Certain Laws", which includes regulations on debt restructuring and employment incentives, was published in the Official Gazette the day before and entered into force. With the law, tax debts covering Income Tax, Corporate Tax, VAT, MTV, SCT, all administrative fines, KYK debts, Treasury receivables will be structured.

Advantageous in advance

Looking at the details of the law, it is seen that there is a very important regulation that concerns vehicle owners. This detail is about the data penalty and administrative fines such as illegal crossing of bridges and highways. Normally, according to the law, after the interest and penalty of tax and premium debts are deleted, they are updated according to inflation and added to the capital. It erases 90 percent of the inflation difference in advance payment. In other words, there is no discount from the capital.

Including illegal transitions

However, there is an exceptional case in administrative fines such as traffic and illegal crossing, except for corona fines. If those who apply to configure the traffic fines that have been folded because they have not been paid or that have been newly noticed due to late notification, if they choose to pay in cash, a 25 percent discount will be made on the original fines. In other words, for aged traffic debts, the action will be taken as if they were paid within 15 days from the date of fines.

If it closes with the first installment

After making an application until December 31st, the first installment will be paid by the end of January, which will receive a 25 percent principal discount. In addition, the one who chooses the installment and pays the first installment in January and pays the remaining debt in the second installment period will also be discounted by 12.5 percent on the principal. Thus, it will be possible to get rid of traffic fines with a 5 percent interest due to delay at the end of each month with less payment.

Leak pass account

Vehicle owners who do not pay toll on bridges and highways are fined 4 times the fee for the distance they enter and exit. If this toll is paid within 15 days, there is no penalty. Those who have a transitional violation penalty will both get rid of this 4-fold penalty and get a discount on the principal amount of the penalty to be paid. 90 percent of the inflation difference will be deleted in advance payment.

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