Message from KTSO on January 10 Working Journalists Day

Message from KTSO on January 10 Working Journalists Day Karaman Chamber of Commerce and Industry Council President Ahmet Çelik and Board Chairman M. Gökhan Alkan issued a message on the occasion of "January 10 Working Journalists Day", describing the press workers as "the voice of the people".

Presidents; “One can never worry about the character and future of a society whose press is free and honest. It is the honest and conscientious writers of the journalists that illuminate the way of societies. Our journalist friends, who carry out a profession that includes values ​​such as accurate and reliable news, being objective, respect for private life and personal rights in informing the public, also act as a bridge between citizens and institutions.

By paying attention to these sensitivities, it is impossible not to see and appreciate the efforts of the press members who work hard to get the news under difficult conditions.

We congratulate the Journalists' Day of January 10, and wish the success of all members of the press to continue with their work. " They gave place to their statements.

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