"The press builds a transparent society"

"The press builds a transparent society" AK Party Karaman Deputy Dr. Recep Şeker published a message for January 10 Working Journalists Day.

Şeker included the following statements in his message;

"I congratulate 10 January Working Journalists Day with my heartfelt feelings and present my deepest love and conversation to all press workers.
Our press organizations, which are indispensable elements of democracy; They build a transparent society by fulfilling very important duties such as informing, enlightening, directing and forming public opinion.

Our press organizations, in the light of universal professional principles, play an important role in informing the society correctly and thus creating an atmosphere of peace and trust by objectively presenting different opinions and thoughts. In order to inform the public correctly, our journalists, who work devotedly in the most difficult conditions, day and night, summer and winter, under the most difficult conditions, have an important share in strengthening our democracy, protecting our unity and solidarity, and strengthening the atmosphere of social peace, peace and trust.

Our esteemed press members, who fulfill their duties in an impartial, principled and responsible journalism approach, despite all the negative conditions they face all over the world and our country, are the eyes, ears and voices of our citizens. I wish all our journalists who practice their profession under the most difficult conditions, with the effort to provide us with the right information, outstanding success in their duties.

Again, I would like to express my gratitude to our local press, our eyes and ears that enable us to be informed about the events and developments in our province and region, and I wish them outstanding success in their duties.

With these feelings and thoughts, we celebrate January 10 Working Journalists' Day with all my heartfelt feelings, especially our members of the press who are active in our city, wish them health, happiness and success with their families, and Almighty Allah to our journalists who lost their lives while performing their duties. I wish (CC) mercy. ”

- Karamandan.com, bölümünde yayınlandı