Grant support to women cooperatives

Grant support to women cooperatives

Trade Minister Ruhsar Pekcan stated that within the scope of the Cooperatives Support Program (KOOP-DES), the grant support given to women's cooperatives up to 150 thousand liras will continue in 2021 and said, “Our women cooperatives will apply for grant support from 1 February 2021 - 28 February 2021. between the dates of the Trade Provincial Directorate. said.

Minister Pekcan stated in his written statement that the cooperatives operating in many fields from agricultural production to transportation, education to energy have a significant contribution to production, the country's economy and employment, and as the Ministry, cooperatives and especially women's cooperatives work to take a greater place in production and exports. stated that they continue.

Pekcan said that, in this context, last year, they implemented the Cooperatives Support Program (KOOP-DES) in order to support investment projects that will contribute to production and employment, to ensure efficiency and productivity in their activities, and to benefit from technology and new production techniques. / p>

Stressing that the program aims to make cooperatives active economic actors in production and consumption chains by strengthening their institutional capacities, and to increase the economic and social welfare of citizens, Pekcan said, as the first application within the scope of KOOP-DES, financing support to cooperatives whose majority consists of women and whose aim is to make use of women's labor. reminded that it is provided.

Pekcan noted that it was deemed appropriate to provide grant support to 149 projects of 139 women's cooperatives operating in 41 provinces last year.


Minister Pekcan said that in 2021, as in the previous year, within the framework of KOOP-DES, the majority of the partners are women and cooperatives aiming to evaluate women's labor

-Machine and / or equipment related goods purchases,

- Purchases of investment goods as fixtures for elderly and disabled care centers and children's clubs, kindergartens and day care centers run by cooperatives, at least? 'of their partners,

- Service purchases for the promotion and marketing of the products they produce for exhibitions and fair participation

-Support will be given to the employment of qualified personnel for their projects.

Stating that the Ministry will meet the project amounts in priority regions for development and at least? of the partners in the cooperatives formed by women as a grant, and in other regions P will be covered as a grant, Pekcan said, “Our cooperatives, which are mostly women and aim to evaluate women's labor, apply for the project on 01 February 2021 - They can do it to the Provincial Directorates of Commerce in all our provinces between 28 February 2021. " used expressions.

Expressing that they attach great importance to cooperatives and the empowerment of women entrepreneurs in all areas of the economy, Pekcan said, “In this context, the SheTrades Outlook p of the International Trade Center (ITC) established by the UN and WTO for our women entrepreneurs.

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