Plateau Tombs in the Summits of the Central Taurus Mountains within the Karamanoğulları Geography

Plateau Tombs in the Summits of the Central Taurus Mountains within the Karamanoğulları Geography

If you are not bored with the friends of the page, I would like to take you around in my photos that I pressed the shutter button while doing fieldwork in the peaks of the Central Taurus Mountains in November 2020.

On this trip, I researched the tombs in the Karamanoğulları geography. These are the graves of transhumants in places that are only accessible in summer. I saw such long graves in them; I wonder if one person? Or was it a family grave?

By the way, looking at the gravestones in the places called graves by the local people, it was revealed that there was a pasture border in Konargöçer Yörük culture. Because there is no other stone besides these stones. We can see them in the drone shots of the regions.

I have been able to detect eighteen places from these limits so far. In general, these stones are about two meters high, they are flattened. They are erected in places far from the places where nomad tents are set up. These are places close to the road route.

When we look at the past Anatolian nomads, we see a complex picture, but their lives fit into this picture.

What does Yörük mean?

Yörük phrase; It consists of nomad and “–ȃn” suffix. Yörük is a Turkish name. The suffix "-ȃn" is Persian. The Turkish equivalent of the Persian suffix "-ȃn" is "-lar / -ler".

Yörükȃn; It means nomads.

Yörükörn, Türkȃn, Müslümȃn that we use today; It means nomads, Turks and Muslims. Even when we say Muslims, we make it plural twice; with both Persian suffix and Turkish suffix…

The name of Yörük can be found in Ottoman records. In Ottoman records, terms such as "Yörükȃn taifesi", "Yörükȃn community" are used.

The name Yörük still lives among the nomads living in the Kızılalma-Karaman nomad of the Republic of Macedonia today. Yörükler, the name of Yörük is used to mean both "Yörükler" and "the place where Yörükler lived". (Turks from Orhun to Tuna - İzzet İbrahimsoylu)

Nomad Types:

a) Anatolian Nomads
b) Anasıl Yörükleri
c) Surrounding Nomads
d) Nomadic Nomads
e) Yörük of Haymeniş
f) Konargöçer Yörükler group
g) Konar and nomad, nomadic nomads group
h) Retail Nomads: Family or small community who leave the original place of residence and move to another region.
ı) Rumeli Yörükleri: Yörük Obaları settled in the Balkans
i) Yerli Yörük: Yörükler who settled before the 18th century and who left nomadism and worked as farmers
j-) Yörükler group: People who make up the nomad class.
k) Yaylak Nomads (transhumance): April -

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