Punishment when he was homeless changed his life

Punishment when he was homeless changed his life

Ali Çiftçi, who was fined despite saying that he had no place to go during the inspections regarding the curfew, got a job through İŞKUR upon the guidance of the Ankara Governorship.

The Turkey Farmers of 15 days prior to the Antalya police, saying that although the fines introduced with no place to go in applications for violating the curfew restrictions.

The Farmer, who was sent to Ankara voluntarily after the negativities he experienced in Antalya and was placed in the Orphan's Guest House in Dışkapı by the Ankara Governorship Social Assistance and Solidarity Foundation officials, was placed in a job in a construction company in Çankaya, Ankara through İŞKUR.

Expressing that he was desperate against the cold, hunger and thirst because he stole all his money, Çiftçi told the AA correspondent that the state's helping hand was a source of hope for him when he said everything was over.

Stating that there was a positive change in his life with the application of criminal procedures while wandering around the streets, Çiftçi said, "I was an unemployed and weak person. I had no place to stay. Thanks to the compassionate hand of the state father, I now have a job and a place to stay. Above all, I can say that I have a family." he spoke.

- "I am hopeful for tomorrow now"

Expressing that she clung to her work as she remembered her troubles, Çiftçi continued as follows:

"When I think of my life in Antalya, I say that I will know the value of my job, I will claim it. I am hopeful about tomorrow now. I will work and strive in my next life. I hope I will establish a new life. May Allah be pleased with our Governor of Ankara.

Çiftçi noted that the criminal action imposed on him was also corrected and that they became lawful with the police.

- "We are very pleased, a hardworking friend"

The construction firm's camp supervisor, Necmettin Yılmaz, told that they were very sorry for his situation when they saw the Farmer on television, "We are very pleased with him, our hardworking friend. He looks to the future with hope now. As the compassionate hands of our state reach such friends, we are also happy. and for his family. I believe he will earn as he perseveres and works. " he spoke.

- Turkish National Police apologized

The images of Çiftçi, who was fined despite the police saying that his house is in Ankara and that he has no place to stay in Antalya, was caught in the practice of the police against those who violated the curfew.

In the statement made by the General Directorate of Security, "Our police are doing their duty here, but we accept that we have to act according to the content of this incident. We found Ali Çiftçi again. We have provided the necessary support and shelter, we have become halal. We will transfer to his hometown. Our police friend is also sad. sorry d

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