Chopping Tradition in Karaman

Chopping Tradition in Karaman

Cutting the Chop: It is a beautiful and fun tradition known all over the Turkish world and frequently performed in Karaman.

Chocking is a tradition that believes that when a toddler starts to stumble, it will prevent it. This is a situation that prevents the child from walking.

Shearing is a ceremony for the child to walk well. A good runner cuts a rope (shackle) that is tied to the baby's feet and runs away. Another person with water-filled kevki (gourd) catches the running person and smashes the kevki in his hand on the back of the fleeing.

A sash is attached to the lower part of both feet of the approximately two-year-old child. One person cuts it with scissors, and another person runs after the escaped cutter, trying to pour the water on it and break it.

During the 2018 Ramadan Feast, we organized an activity we did for his mother twenty years ago in our neighborhood, this time for his child, my grandson Mehmet Han.

The name of this event is the Kostek Cutting ceremony. This event is a ceremony applied to every child in Taşeli region. Even some of our neighbors: what is this? What is the Shackle Cut they ask? Children usually start walking around the age of one, but often fall. They are like horses with a shackle tied to their feet to prevent these falls outside a certain area.

The neighborhood gathers so that the children can walk without falling, and a symbolic shackle is tied between the two legs of the child. A person who runs fast cuts this rope and another person who runs fast runs after him with a water-filled pumpkin and pours water on it. It is now believed that the child will continue to walk without stumbling, and it does.

The ceremony takes place with the participation of the whole neighborhood, especially children, brides and girls. Finally, Turkish delight between biscuits is offered to the participants. We applied exactly this ceremony to my grandson Mehmet Han on this holiday and re-performed another tradition.

All our relatives and neighbors gathered in the Pınargözü neighborhood of Güneyyurt district of Ermenek district at two o'clock after the Friday prayer on the first feast day and we had a joyful ceremony as above. Finally, the young ladies served biscuits and Turkish delight on trays.

Granddaughter Mehmet Han has been walking very well ever since, by Allah's leave!

Shear Milling in Turkish Provinces

The site named contains the following information on this matter:

“If the child cannot walk when he reaches the walking age, that is, if he walks late, stumbles constantly while walking, falls frequently, there is a tradition applied to get rid of this situation. The name of this tradition, which has been practiced for thousands of years, is the tradition of "Chopping". Although this tradition is not known by many people, it is a very old tradition and is still applied in Turkistan.

We see that this ceremony was performed more or less similarly in many parts of Anatolia.

The purpose of the shackle tradition is that the child

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