Exchange rate setting in paid military service! Here is the new paid fee

Exchange rate setting in paid military service! Here is the new paid fee

Paid military service fees increased to 39 thousand 788 liras in the first half of 2021. Exchange rate adjustment will be made for the payments made by Turkish citizens abroad. With the law proposal submitted to the Turkish Grand National Assembly, important regulations regarding the personal rights of military personnel will be implemented.

The military fees for the year 2021, which the young people who will do military service with money, are waiting with curiosity, have been announced. In the second half of last year, military service fees with a price of 37,070 TL will be applied as 39,788 TL in the first half of 2021. The military wage, which was 35,054 TL in the January-June period last year, increased by 13.50 percent in the last year.

There is also a change in the calculation of the foreign currency military fees of Turkish citizens living abroad. The amount of money to be paid by the expatriate applying for military service is calculated in euros or its equivalent in convertible currency according to the exchange rate determined by the Central Bank on the first working day of the year. A new regulation is being made in the law proposal, which amends various military laws, submitted to the Turkish Grand National Assembly with the signature of AK Party Osmaniye Deputy İsmail Kaya and his friends. Accordingly, the military service fee in foreign currency to be paid by expatriates will be calculated on the basis of the exchange rate on the date of application.

The regulations made for military personnel in the law proposal are as follows:

THE AGE OF EXPERT ERBASES 55: The retirement age limit will be changed to 55 in order to benefit from the long-term experience of expert officers who are employed up to the age of 52. As required by the expedition and if their health conditions are suitable, they can be recruited from the youngest to the age of 60.

In cases of necessity arising from the state of emergency or the fight against terrorism, the contract terms of those needed can be extended by one year up to the age of 60 by the decision of the relevant force commander regardless of the request.

REGULATION OF ADAPTATION TO RETIRED EXPERT ERBAS FROM THE STATE OFFICER: Those who want to leave the army due to their age limit can be employed in the Ministry of National Defense and Turkish Armed Forces until their retirement. However, those who were employed as civil servants and retired could not benefit from the monthly 100 TL compensation given to expert soldiers. With the arrangement made, this grievance of the expert sergeants who retired from the civil service will be eliminated.

The grievances of the expert military officers, who later became civil servants, regarding additional indicators are also terminated. The unjust treatment that caused losses between 100 TL and 605 TL in their retirement pensions will be eliminated. Those who later become civil servants will be able to benefit from the monthly increase provided to the expert officers, additional indicators, degree and level adjustment through education and training or registration. It was stated that the number of expert officers in this situation was 2900.

If eligible persons apply within 90 days from the publication date of the law, their adjustment will be made. Among those who are high school or equivalent school graduates and whose salaries will be recalculated, the pension deductions to be calculated for the period they serve as civil servants, institution provision and general health insurance premium difference amounts will be calculated on the basis of the civil servant salary coefficient. 12 equal installments of pensions

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