Olive smashed Kovid

Olive smashed Kovid

In the fight against coronavirus, it has been scientifically demonstrated that the world's most powerful antioxidant, the olive leaf, breaks down the virus. Faruk Durukan, who has been working on olive leaves for more than 20 years, said that the active ingredient in the leaf, Oleorupin, decomposes the covid virus. On the other hand, Olive leaf tea is among the drinks served in the tea houses of the Turkish Grand National Assembly.

While the search for alternatives to coronavirus continues, olive leaf tea has become one of the important agenda items of the scientific world. As the researches on the active ingredient (Oleorupin) found in olive leaf deepened, good news came from some universities. Studies have revealed that Oleorupin breaks down the virus. Faruk Durukan, who has been working on olive leaves for more than 20 years in the R&D company operating in Edremit district of Balıkesir, said that the active ingredient in the leaf, Oleorupin, breaks down the covid virus.


Speaking to Yeni Şafak, Durukan said: "There is an active substance called Oleorupin in the olive leaf. We have been working on this item for 20 years. We are one of the 4-5 companies in the world that naturally extract Oleorupin from the leaf. This substance has been used extensively in studies on cancer diseases in the past. Interest grew even more after the coronavirus. The scientific world has begun to focus on the effect of Oleorupin on the virus. He worked on Oleorupin in the three-dimensional laboratory of Kafkas and Sütçü Imam Universities. We gave the active ingredient at the request of the Rectorate. The study is completed. It has been visually proven that Oleorupin destroys the virus by capturing the hook structures from which it breaks up the virus.

Stating that the oleorupin substance cannot be synthesized but can be taken naturally, Durukan continued as follows: “When you drink tea, you take its substance. This substance is also used in cancer research. We provide materials to nearly 200 doctoral and graduate students. There are also researches about oleorupin in world famous publications. One of them is Elsevier magazine. According to the article published in this magazine, there are about 35 enveloped viruses in the world. One of the corona enveloped viruses. This article talks about 15 active ingredients in the fight against enveloped viruses. One of these substances is Oleorupin. In other words, it is a scientific fact that if we drink olive leaf tea, we will protect our body and it will be beneficial against the virus. ”


Stating that the interest in olive leaves increased after the news of Yeni Şafak, Durukan stated that the leaves that were burned before are now brought to the economy. Durukan said, “The leaves that were burned before because they polluted the gardens now make better money than the olive itself. Our farmers are now using their leaves. Our municipalities are also working on this issue. Our two municipalities asked me to inform the citizens about the fine points of collecting leaves. Because this job also has tricks. For example, the best time to collect leaves is during pruning. We leaves

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