"Problems of journalists should be solved"

"Problems of journalists should be solved" İYİ Party Karaman Province Chairman İsmet Hatipoğlu published a message on the occasion of January 10 Working Journalists Day.

In Hatipoğlu's message,

"January 10 Working Journalists Day is a celebration day specific to our country, which has been organized on January 10 since 1961 to honor journalists. After the military intervention in 1971, the name of the celebration day," Journalists Day "and has been celebrated as such until today.

We are in a period where local journalists / local journalism are having a hard time, especially in terms of economy and at a time when political polarization is at its peak. It is also important for democratic and powerful countries to eliminate the social and economic problems of our working journalists, who are referred to as the fourth power and also act as ombudsmen. As IYI Party, we are well aware of the problems of our journalists, and we emphasize the necessity of making legal regulations for the problems of internet media and other problems.

The separation of traditional media and new media for all our journalists, especially our journalists, who are able to reflect the news of the truth objectively, who can convey the effects of the subject they report within the framework of ethical rules to our citizens regardless of their harm or benefit, are honest, painful, altruistic and able to achieve all these despite all limited means I congratulate the journalists working without doing it. "

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