Pharmacy employees receive Kovid-19 vaccine

Pharmacy employees receive Kovid-19 vaccine

A new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) began in Turkey in its fight against the pandemic "vaccine Kovid-19 National Implementation Strategy" in line, pharmacy employees are also vaccinated.

Within the framework of the vaccination studies, which were initiated on January 14 for the first time in the country to cover healthcare workers, 1 million 97 thousand 612 people have been vaccinated as of today.

Kovid-19 Turkish Pharmacists' Association to be included in the Vaccination Program (TEB) by medication and presented in the mission fields of pharmacy services on January 15, Turkey Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency (TİTCK) was reported to the Presidency.

Following the interviews, the responsible manager (warehouse and pharmacy), second pharmacist, auxiliary pharmacists, pharmacy employees, public pharmacists working outside the hospital, Regional Pharmacist Chamber employees, Turkish Pharmacists Association and Drug Supply Unit personnel from abroad and intern of pharmacy faculties The system has been completed by the Ministry of Health for students.

In this context, pharmacy and pharmaceutical warehouse employees and intern students of pharmacy faculties will be vaccinated for 15 days starting from today.

- "It is very good that pharmacy employees are also entitled"

Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA), Süleyman Er, who is the warehouse manager of TEB Import Drug Unit, who was vaccinated at Ankara City Hospital, said that they, as healthcare personnel, are following the process very closely.

Expressing that they continue to work actively during the epidemic process, Er emphasized that vaccination is very important in combating the epidemic.

Er, "In this process, many measures have been taken, and still everyone must comply with the measures. It is very important to give healthcare personnel the right to vaccination. In this context, it is very good that pharmacy employees are given rights." said.

Murat Beşik, who works as a research specialist in the R&D department of TEB, said, "It vaccinates human life, vaccine programs save the lives of societies." he spoke.

Stating that there is occasional information pollution regarding the effectiveness of vaccines, Beşik said "There are true and false news. I am vaccinated. What I can tell people who are afraid of being vaccinated is even the worst vaccine is much better than the virus." found the evaluation.

Evşen Yüksel, one of the staff in the Ankara Pharmacy Chamber, said that she felt very well because she was vaccinated and said, "I hope, Kovid will end all over the world with vaccination because we have had a very difficult year." He spoke as.

Nur Meral Seyfeli, who works at TEB, stated that especially the community pharmacists and pharmacy personnel were in direct contact with the citizens during the epidemic and said, "The first place where citizens know they are sick is pharmacies. Therefore, the employees here need to get vaccinated. , Thank you." said.

On the other hand, Yağmur Karakoç, one of the 4th grade students of the medical faculty who was given vaccination right, also

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