Semester Message from Director Çalışkan

Semester Message from Director Çalışkan

Provincial Director of National Education Mehmet Çalışkan published a message for the 2020-2021 academic year.

Provincial Director Mehmet Çalışkan stated the following in his message:

Dear Parents,

Within the scope of the measures taken due to the epidemic affecting the whole world, we have always found your support in the education studies we have been carrying out remotely for a while. Without you, we would be far away. We carried out this process together in the best way for the health of our children and you. You opened your house to us every day, maybe you turned part of your house into a classroom. We met our students more easily with your pre-lesson warnings like on-duty teachers, and we are grateful for your trust and support.

Dear Teachers,

Maybe we had difficult times that we were not used to. Together, we supported each other as a nation. Our efforts, tiredness, and meetings that will be worthwhile from the windows we look at from afar have been heralds with the works that show our fate. I would like to thank each of you individually for your patience, dedication and sacrifice, with the awareness that teaching with distance education is more difficult than face-to-face education.

Dear Students,

We left behind a different period that will not be forgotten for many years. I know you are experiencing a bitter report period, but now we are closer to the beautiful days when you will get your classes. Until that day, it is very important for you to discover the "Curriculum in Life" that you will relax and experience with your family at home with knowledge and awareness. Do not neglect to improve yourself by having fun with books, documentaries and quality films at every opportunity. You miss; It is my greatest desire that you meet your friends, classes and breaks as soon as possible.
I wish you a good holiday period with health and peace and present my love and conversation.

-, bölümünde yayınlandı