Exports of "miniature vegetables" increased during the pandemic

Exports of "miniature vegetables" increased during the pandemic Exports of "miniature vegetables" increased during the pandemic period.

The new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) epidemic has increased interest in finger-sized mini vegetables, which are said to be rich in vitamins and minerals.

Miniature eggplant, zucchini, cucumbers, carrots, corn, which are not exceeding 5 centimeters in length, produced by an agricultural company in the Serik district of Antalya, on an area of ​​2 thousand acres, spinach, lettuce, tomatoes, beets, peppers, celery , arugula, radish, bean and onion, 180 kinds of mini-sized products were sought after especially in the Kovid-19 process.

Prepared and packaged with the "Snack" concept, mini products are preferred because they are produced without the use of pesticides and because they are natural and more delicious.

- 20 percent increase in exports

Burak Akbulut, the marketing director of the firm in Antalya, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that miniature vegetables are richer in vitamins and minerals.

Stating that people turned to such vegetables especially during the Kovid-19 process, Akbulut stated that sales increased both in the domestic market and in the foreign market.

Expressing that they have increased production in line with the demand, Akbulut said, "There is an increase of 20 percent in the export channel when looking at the period before the epidemic. More demand comes from Russia and Arab countries." said.

- "People turned to fresh green plant"

Saying that the demand for products such as lemon thyme, sage, rosmarin (rosemary) and lemon sticks consisting of fresh herbal spices increased during this period of the epidemic, Akbulut said, "In this period, people turned to fresh, green plants rather than dried plants. There is a great interest in miniature plants. Useful plants in increasing resistance to cold. " he spoke.

Stating that stalk celery juice is also popular, Akbulut noted that the number of people asking for products is increasing day by day as the benefits of stalk celery spread from language to language.

- Edible flowers remain popular

Stating that edible flowers used in luxury restaurants appealing to the eyes and stomach and in hotels' a la carte restaurants are also popular in this process, Akbulut stated that plants with different flavors have started to be widely used in the field of gastronomy.

Stating that they have been producing for 12 months both in greenhouse and outdoors, Akbulut added that they are working on new varieties.

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