Yunus Emre's Wood

Yunus Emre's Wood

"Do Not Apply To Its Curve Even If It Was Wood"

There is a rumor about Yunus Emre's youth days when he carried wood to the lodge; Words that he says "Not even the curve of wood entered here" or "Curved wood does not suit this door"
Referring to Yunus Emre's accuracy and honesty
doing things and giving their hearts to everything should be a passable principle for everyone.

Righteousness and honesty are among the basic principles of the religion of Islam. In the Quran, there is the command "Be straight as you are commanded" (Surat al-Hud, verse 112).

Yunus Emre not even touching the curve of the wood is a metaphor in today's fashionable words. Do not think that Turkmen Yunus is an ax in his hand and a vandal who knocks down a tree to collect proper branches!

Yunus Emre says in his poem "Lâ Şerikten Read" :

"Reality with the correctness of religion,
It is not okay, what would you call religion with? "

So "The foundation of religion and faith is truth and honesty. This foundation says, "How do you build religion and belief without 'honesty and honesty'?" These lines are literally the translation-interpretation of the above verse.

Contemporary educators, personal developers! Where are you, did you hear? The measure of both man and religion was being straightforward. Here is the universal principle. "Whatever job you do, wherever you go. Choose your job and your route. But be straight forward. ”

In Fatiha, we say "Sırât-ı Müstakîm" (the right, straight and clear path leading to the truth). Here is another expression of it.

Need a slogan for the year of Yunus Emre? Here is the motto:
“We're straight ahead! Because we are the Descendants of Yunus ”

Every tradesman should stick this slogan in the most visible part of the workplace. Banners should be hung at the entrance of every institution, especially schools. Everybody promise to follow the content of the slogan and do what is necessary.

Thus, nobody will produce fraudulent goods and services, will not sell defective products, and will not give a stake to anyone. Therefore, nobody will buy fraudulent goods and services, defective products, and nobody will eat stakes.

Being straightforward means doing your job well, being competent, giving confidence, feeling trust. Not going wrong is not going too far. It is to be measured and balanced.

Again, in another poem of Yunus, "Let your curvature put it on the right path, let Kibri take the hate from the disinterested" .

Well-meaning friends who chase a brand city! Doesn't being known as a straight city make Karaman a world brand? It does, of course it does. Makes the city a pioneer. It makes it the coveted city. It makes a reliable city. Just as 'Calm Cities' has come to the fore as today's brands, why not ' Straightforward Cities' should be implemented.

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