CHP Karaman Organization's Adana and Mersin Visits

CHP Karaman Organization's Adana and Mersin Visits Republican People's Party Karaman Provincial Organization visits party organizations and mayors of neighboring cities.

CHP Karaman Provincial Chairman Mustafa Cem Kağnıcı, Central District Mayor Ahmet Recai Evcen, Göktepe Mayor Mustafa Doğan and the executives, Adana Provincial Mayor Mehmet Çelebi, Adana Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Zeydan Karalar, Mersin Provincial Mayor Adil Aktay and Mersin Metropolitan Mayor They visited Vahap Seçer.

In the statement made after the visits, we shared information about the work done by Göktepe Municipality, which fulfills the requirements of the social municipality understanding in Karaman. We consulted to bring the best services to our Göktepe town.

The success of the Republican People's Party cadres in local elections is crowned with the success of our mayors. We take pride in the services our municipalities provide to our people, our cities. Our nation's belief in the staff of the Republican People's Party is increasing every day. We will continue to work to ensure the welfare of our country. " said.

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