He activated the water mill left over from his grandfather.

He activated the water mill left over from his grandfather.Halil Koraş, who lives in Kışla village of Başyayla district of Karaman, continues his ancestral profession and produces gluten-free corn flour in a water mill inherited from his grandfather.

High fiber content is one of the most important features that distinguish corn from other grains. Corn flour, which has an important advantage in blood sugar imbalance compared to white bread, is naturally produced in the water mill in the Karaman region. The millstone rotates when the water flowing from high through the pipes rotates the wheels. The corns that fall from the middle of the millstone one by one turn into flour. Grinding time takes much longer in a water mill compared to electric powered mills. Halil Koraş (42), who lives in the village of Kışla in Başyayla district, produces gluten-free corn flour in his grandfather's water mill. Saying that he grinds gluten-free corn flour especially for celiac patients, Koraş stated that his goal is to become a brand.

"Only milling corn for celiac patients"

Stating that the history of the water mill is based on the Karamanoğulları Principality, Halil Koraş said, "This was probably the old mill from the period of the Karamanoğulları in the 1200-1300s. It has not been working for years, it has not been working for at least 15 years. It was completely demolished, so I completely discharged and repaired it. I built a complete new building, but the same system as a water-powered stone mill. Only corn grinded on the stone, because it is gluten-free, cornmeal, celiac patients cannot eat other kinds of cereals. Therefore, I only grind corn, only grind corn flour for celiac patients. I grind the corn they bring from all the surrounding villagers for a fee. I also grind the corn I buy from the villagers, natural, organic corn and sell it to the citizens who want. My goal is to make flour that I produce completely by making a brand and packaging To deliver it to the provinces, especially to celiac patients, "he said.

"The district is lacking"

Başyayla Mayor Ahmet İpek, who made examinations in the water mill, stated that an important deficiency of the district was overcome. President İpek said, "Especially the water mill was a job that we have been lacking for years. Thank you, Halil brothers initiated it. It was a great deficiency of us. We have just met and talked with my brother Halil, there are very good ideas. Not only here is corn milling, but the marketing of it. It is a very good idea. I hope they will be able to obtain flour obtained from corn, which is naturally produced without GMO in our village of Kışla, of Başyayla. ”/ İHA

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